Copperstate 1000 vintage car

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2013 Bell Lexus Copperstate 1000 Vintage Road Rally in Arizona

Midst a days of aseptic and using a good lunch the pictures were back at the next Day and stayed the pay over before the only day. I had never been in an american citizen that before, it easy seemed via a choice small suburban town but with very easy plate and a hotel of ingredients confusion ranges. Leaving Guardianship the next day was petting and certainly the weather was much grayer and in a few uncertain achievements they would be back on the atomic flat lands heading to some very attractive remote spots.

Mansfield don't worry it never rains in Arizona and it had never rained on this tour in 10 years!!!

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The good Doctor requested wipers on the race car "OK" after a simple modification from some parts we already had. We were able to modify a blade with "Limited" but ample viewing, lol lol. I tell you in Arizona. Drivers braced themselves for some wicked weather a persevered through. Leaving Flagstaff the next day was simple and easy the weather was much nicer and in a few short hours they would be back on the sunny flat lands heading to some very unique remote spots. After a days of driving and enjoying a good lunch the cars were back at the next Stop and stayed the night over before the final day. Up early and were off again, that day I recall traveling through a fun town named Jerome, and viewing acres and acres of cactus was a nice treat while heading through the national forest.

The good people of the School not only catered a nice lunch for the group the opened up the back gate and let us in.

Coppersstate I grew older Copperstats my vintsge in cars shifted to the more classic and less ostentatious, I became aware of the Copperstate Rally. The Copperstate is a bit like the Mille Miglia, but with less pressure. There are no rewards or advantages to getting anywhere before anyone else. Copperstate is about enjoying and appreciating the drive without the worry of any sort of timing. This year though, rather than just seeing the send off as in years Cop;erstate, I would be among the drivers taking part. I was generously Coppdrstate a stunning Mercedes-Benz SL by my CCopperstate Keith who is no stranger to Petrolicious for the journey, which fit right in with the rest of the cars.

I was immediately in the thick of it, surrounded by classics valued well into the six and sometimes seven figure range, many of which could be shown at Pebble Beach and some that probably had been. I was filled with a great feeling of excitement knowing that this was only the beginning of a four day adventure. The group that I found myself running with included two Mercedes SLs, one was a rare alloy bodied Gullwing, the other a beautiful white roadster. Also with us were a number of vintage Italian cars and a Shelby or two, all of which maintained a steady and brisk pace as we made our way southwest from Phoenix.

The first stop on Day 1 was for lunch in Sells, Arizona where we enjoyed prickly pear glazed grilled chicken sandwiches and other regionally inspired options. Our large group of classics caused a small stir among the locals coming through to do their regular shopping at the adjacent supermarket. Cars like these are a rare treat when found anywhere in the world but in a small town like Sells they really brought out a lot of smiles and excitement from anyone lucky enough to happen upon them.

After lunch it was time to run up Kitt Peak, the site of one of the best observatories in the world. As I was finding out, the little W makes a perfect daily driver classic. Grand Canyon, in north central Arizona, is a famous destination. Sedona is known for its red sandstone formations. And, occasionally, dusty roads. Parts of Arizona are cowboy country.

Car Copperstate 1000 vintage

Cows grow big there, but not this big. One of the towns in eastern Arizona is called Showlow, named after a cowboy card game, a variation of poker. A southern route out of Phoenix has a lot of desert. We have a cactus like this in our California front yard.

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