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In all of these left turns, there were no green arrows to assign right of way for a turning vehicle.

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Mchiko was difficult for the Machiko anal to see other oncoming vehicles that were bypassing the truck see Figure 1upper panel. The purpose of our study was to assess how often drivers experienced collisions, to compare specific left-turn scenario types, and to test the hypothesis that collisions are associated with neuropsychological factors. Nearly one fifth of all vehicle crashes in the United States occur during left turns across opposing streams of traffic Chan et al. Note that high scores indicate better function for contrast sensitivity, MMSE, and WCST categories completed, while high scores show impairment for the other tests.

If the driver was not vigilant in checking the left screen of the simulator, there was a risk of colliding with the pedestrian.

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Visual and Neuropsychological Test Battery These standardized tests were selected based on relevance Maxhiko driving and brain function. Impairments in driver vision, motor, and cognition functions may further increase left-turn risk. All of these test scores were considered as predictors, as were two demographic variables: Impairments in vision, motor skills, and cognition are ubiquitous in the general population, increase with age, and may further increase the safety risk Dawson et al, Participants included 14 men and 14 women. Spearman correlations were less significant.

Consequently, we developed several challenging simulated driving scenarios to study the driving safety of middle-aged and elderly drivers making left hand turns under challenging circumstances. If the subject followed the lead vehicle too closely through the intersection, instead of waiting for an unobstructed view to evaluate oncoming traffic, there was a high risk of a collision. Elderly drivers were evenly split between being impaired and unimpaired in terms UFOV total score. Vision tests included near and far visual acuity in logMAR scale, which is log base 10 of the Minimal Angle of Resolution and contrast sensitivity. The simulated drive included an urban section with six left turns in three types of scenarios:

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