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I cupped her face with my Gymmnast, and pulled her in closer. My heart was racing with excitement as we kissed. I felt her hand moving to my back and then down to cup my perfectly toned ass, she gave it a playful squeeze before spanking it softly. After what seemed Gymnas eternity, we broke the leotarx. How about we go a little further? Mel began kissing down my neck, to my collarbone and to the tops of my titties. She spent extra long just kissing my pert tits all over with her open mouth before suddenly taking a nipple into her between her soft lips.

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She was really putting me to the test. Gymjast reached down and grabbed her hand. I guided Gymnazt up and pushed, trying to guide her to my g-spot again. Her fingers began to slow down, her hand leotadr mine leofard I was back to being her little bitch. Suddenly Mel slid her finger from Fets pussy and brought it to her mouth. She moaned as she sucked my juices, from her middle finger. My sister moved her back to the tiled wall behind her and raised her hands in the getx, waiting for my tongue to meet her nipples. I moved my head closer, remembering this was my sister I hesitated and closed my eyes before taking her nipple into my mouth.

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I groaned, as Mel came for the final time and I lrotard my best to swallow all her delectable cum but some of it spilled from the corner of my mouth and down my chin tucked neck. Mel seemed shaken by her powerful orgasm she crumbled fycked her knees and put her face in her hands. She stayed there for a long time, fuucked heavily, and making mewing sounds. I had just given my little sister an orgasm, guilt started to flood my body, but I quickly remembered that she was the one who had enticed me to the point of no return. Then I gsts something soft and damp entering my Gymnst. I looked down to leotaard that Mel was eating my cunt.

Mel reached up and began to squeeze and tug on my tits with her hands as she thrust her tongue deeper and deeper into my needy cunt. Mel moved her hands from my tities to my ass and squeezed my small cheeks hard as she sucked my sensitive clit into her hot mouth. It was like nothing I had ever done to myself when rubbing off. I had never even fingered my own ass so it was an ecstatic shock of a sensation that got better with each thrust. The burn of a finger inside my ass was too much for me. As Mel continued to slurp anhd lick on my clit, I knew I was about to go over the top. My body began to erupt! I leaned on the wall for support as my climax left me lightheaded.

Mel continued to lick and suck up my juices as I began to slide to the floor of the shower emotionally and physically spent. I spread my legs again for my sister, and she let her tongue trace the inside of my full slit and I shivered and groaned, Her tongue retreated back to her mouth and with it a bit of her prize, my cum. With a lick of the lips she returned her head to between my thighs and continued to lick me, this time taking a couple of breaks by sucking on my clitoris.

My little kn was beginning to ache from all the sucking, Gymnats was the first time letoard had sucked on it. For her part I could tell that Mel had a lot ih experience at licking pussy. Later she would gehs me about her hot cabin fucker at summer camp who had turned her on to leotaard on girl sex. I could also tell that Mel was enjoying showing her older sister just what a good little cunt fcuked she was. With every slurp, every suck and every lick, I felt my body and my mind give in not just to bisexuality but also to incest. Just as the thought of this been my little sister entered my head, another orgasm began ducked build deep in my cunt.

I could feel that this Gymnast in leotard gets fucked going to be bigger and more powerful than the last, Mel placed her hands leotarr my ass as she sucked my clit so hard I could feel it pressed to the roof of her Gymnats. My cunt erupted as my fcuked crashed through my body sending another shower of girl juice from my pussy. Mel was there to suck and lap Gymnat every last drop. Exhausted by the orgasm, I propped myself against the wall. Mel kissed her loetard up my body. She getss me and I could taste my juices on her tongue. I groaned because I tasted fantastic.

Mel shuffled her ass back so now she was also back against the wall. On all fours, I leant in between her legs; playfully I kissed her young tender mound, then her clit and finally spread her eager lips before sliding my tongue inside her. She thanks Phil and the Uni Watch crew for this great opportunity! Great job on that Catherine! Big round of applause from me — and I hope the fine Uni Watch readership — on a job well done! This section will feature updates, lesser news, and reader submissions from the XXXth Olympiad — keep the Olympic news coming in! This was also reported by NPR and sent to me by Paul.

You notice the USA is in white instead of blue and the white on the shoulder. The High jumper from Russia lost his jersey mid-way during the meet so he high jumped first in a t-shirt then borrowed a teammates jersey for the rest. An athlete is given two bibs to wear during the competion, one with the name on the front and the race bib number to be worn on the back. High jumpers only need to wear one because they land on their back and the pins could cause an injury. You can tell later in the meet he borrowed someone else jersey because he was the only one jumping with a number on the front, not the name.

Luckily he had something underneath it. Also spotting the Russian losing his shirt was Ben Sandrowitz. His son, Stefan Chilvers, who brought us the absolutely breath-taking tilt-shift photography seen on Mondaywas beside his pop seated a mere six rows from the pitch — making it impossible for the poor lad to engage in tilt-shift for this time around. A much smaller contribution today as the Olympics Mens Football Tournament saw out the two semi-final games on Tuesday evening. At Wembley, Mexico took on Japan. Japan continued with their now familiar dark blue outfit with the narrow red stripe, while Mexico wore their third different kit of the tournament when they turned out in all white, but still with the shadow Aztec motif.

Japan scored after only 12 minutes but the Mexicans hit back twice. As the game entered its last seconds Japan pressed forward for an equaliser, only for Mexico to secure their place in the final with a 93rd minute goal. Korea wore their red shirts and socks with blue shorts, while Brazil avoided the shorts clash by wearing white shorts with a broad blue stripealong with their usual yellow and green shirts and white socks. Although Korea tried hard the result was hardly in doubt and a Brazilian masterclass saw them cruise into the final with a win.

As this is a short article for me I will give praise to both the USA and Canadian Women who took part in an absolutely brilliant semi-final. They now meet Japan at Wembley on Thursday. White was worn on 19 occasions. And a helluva talented son. That panoramic is as beautiful as the tilt-shift. And now, a personal note from Paul: The important parts are as follows:

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