Texas vintage racing

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Vintage racing Texas

Proper working electrical or mechanical engine kill switches and vitage throttles required. Motorcycles must be mechanically sound. Number plate s must feature a bold, easily read 2 or 3 digit number to aid track officials with scoring. No rough riding will be tolerated.

racnig Racers who are considered a hazard will be black flagged vintags instructed to leave the track. Alcohol consumption by competitors will not be tolerated before a race. Alcohol consumption by competitors during a race will not be tolerated. Competitors deemed intoxicated by any of the race staff will not be allowed to race. Racers are responsible for their crew members and family members. Offender will be disqualified and potentially removed from the premises.

The full capacity consists of summer partys at brothels teahouses, BBQ after the members and the days banquet. No bitter, oil, or higher fluid rulers will be denied and universities with such will not be rejected to compete.

Practice rackng be in race order. All pit areas are to be cleaned upon leaving the facility. Please do not leave oil, tires, trash, etc. But, racer must notify officials and start on the back row or the penalty line. I try to get around and Help the club with just gopher work. I am the original first President of Tvrc. The club was formed July of Vintage racing took a back seat for a while due to other reasons. However i am back and have been for about a year. I do hope you at some point ride or race a vintage bike with us.

Currently i have a Yamaha at3m mx. Its very loud and smokes heavily of castor bean oil. The classes with the older bikes have deteriorated since the formation of Tvrc in It is my goal to reinvent those classes, to do this i have to ride one of the old bombs. Truly it is my belief that vintage racing is not about winning or any other competitive reason. Last week at River Valley i saw something that made me proud of the club.

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