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Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria, Europe's unofficial nudist capital and the heart of the Gran Canaria naturist scene.

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And would you take part in nudist events like a swim or a photo? Lots of people obviously like the idea of an all over tan 0ld nudists have never tried it. A nidists celebration of everything that makes our beaches and island so popular. The main difference is that the shorts and sunglasses tend to be more stylish closer to the flag. What do you think? Shy people and newbies head back from the sea and hide behind a dune until they get used to the freedom. We've noticed from our website and blog traffic that nudism is a popular search term for people considering a holiday in Gran Canaria. At the very least, sales of sun cream and cold drinks would rocket for a few days!

Nudists 0ld

Imagine a week-long festival of beach culture on the best beach in the Canary Islands: The nudist part of Maspalomas beach is right in the middle, in front of the big sand dunes. That's a huge market for a tourist destination like Gran Canaria. This means that there is plenty of room for everyone on the sand, nude or clothed. As part of the festival, what about a series of nudist events such as a nude fun swim and a mass nude photograph in the dunes.

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