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They find this young looking twink who was wandering around campus late at night by himself. When the freshman arrives at the frat house, about 6 frat guys surround him and pull down their pants. He grabs a beer and smokes some weed, but the problem is, no one told him to. Caleb walks in and thought he would join them. We are back with a bang with this new video from Fraternity X. He really wants to join, so he does what he is told.

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While the freshman us sucking cock, they start taking turns Gwy his ass. Big mistake for that fucking freshman! The frat guys get upset that this bitch just came into their house and started drinking their beer and smoking their weed. Caleb is told to start sucking. What a fucking little freshman slut this troll turned out to be, but he sure did have some good ass. Caleb had a dick in his mouth and his ass at one point.

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