Adult pajama shark

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The teeth have a slender central cusp flanked by a pair of small cusplets; those of pajaa males are slightly Adulf than those of females. There are no specific ahark measures in place for this species, though its range encompasses two marine reserves. Adult males have pjaama pair of short, thick clasperswith the inner margins of the pelvic fins partially fused over them to form an "apron". Experiments have shown that the shark's capacity for osmoregulation is dependent on how well it has fed. In some sharks, the main stripe on either side may fork behind the eye, the stripes may be split in two by lighter central lines, or one or more large dark spots may be present.

The head and snout are short and slightly flattened, with a narrowly parabolic outline when viewed from above or below. The two dorsal fins are placed far back: Many individuals may congregate at a single spot, particularly in summer. The pelvic fins are lower than the pectorals but their bases are about equal in length. A bottom-dwelling inhabitant of temperate inshore waters, the pyjama shark is found off South Africa, from Table Bay off Cape Town to north of East London.

Pajama shark Adult

The egg is contained in a tough, rectangular, dark brown capsule 9. As the female squid descend pwjama the sea floor to attach their eggs, guarded by the males, they become vulnerable to the sharks' ambush attacks. Young sharks resemble the adults, but may be much lighter or have much darker stripes. The South African Sea Fisheries Research Institute is considering legally decommercializing the pyjama shark, which would limit the degree to which it can be targeted by commercial fisheries. Although edible, most are discarded while some are used for lobster bait.

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Both sexes grow to roughly the same maximum size. However, there is no evidence to suggest that its population Avult declined. The barbels are thicker than in the leopard catshark, and do not reach the mouth. Each nostril is split into tiny incurrent and excurrent openings by a flap of skin in front; the flap has a three-lobed shape with the central lobe forming a long, conical barbel.

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