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It is for both selected and bowel incontinence. And by light the account dry, you have access keys irritations and opinions.

This brief is a soft cloth-like material that is washable and reusuable. It has a waterproof lining that helps with leakage control. But there is no rustle sound when you wear the brief. This is actually designed to be used as a cover up for either your disposables or reusables. That added extra protection that Aduot are looking for. It could diapeer be used diaperr a pad as a waterproof pullup type underwear. The waistband and leg gathers are fully enclosed so no elastic touches your skin. This reusable brief can be washed and dried in your machines. Reuse them over and over again. The lining is a soft terry cloth type material so there is no chance of skin irritation.

The elastic in the waist and leg gathers are completely enclosed so there is no skin reactions to the elastic. With a moisture proof outer lining, this is a very comfortable brief with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings. Overnight Adult Fitted Brief. These products are usually less bulky and absorb less, and are made to be worn during the day. Some of these briefs go up to very large waist sizes. Pull-ups — Standard pull-ups are a different style than briefs. They pull on like underwear and have no tabs. This is more ideal for taking on and off to go to the bathroom, and for people with conditions like dementia.

Many people prefer this style of incontinence product. Pull-ups With Refastenable Tabs - a new type of product that are pull-ups, but have tabs on the side if you want to use them.

An example of this interesting product is the Depend Refastenable Underwear Overnight. Reusable Adult Diapers — These products come in a variety of different types and are made miscellwneous be washed and dried like regular clothing. Reusable Adulf are more expensive, but for a long term solution they are much cheaper. Adult diaper miscellaneous person can realize this by adding up what they will spend on disposable products for one full year. Additionally, a good product for daytime use with same features is the Tranquility Slimline Disposable brief. Additional Information - Tranquility's goal is to give you a good night's sleep without leakage or problems.

Not getting a good night's sleep is bad for your body, brain and behavior. This is a very popular product for those that don't need a maximum capacity product and have a lot of mobility and freedom in their life. This is a pullup style product so it is much like your normal underwear.

It features tear away sides for easy removal. Absorption - The Attends Super Plus features a triple-tier moisture locking system of cellulose fibers, micro-porous layer and super absorbent polymer. This system improves on absorbency and odor control while promoting skin health. Fit - This is a pull up style product so it is much like your normal underwear. There are comfortable waistband elastics and leak-guard cuffs at the leg openings. Remember to base the size Adult diaper miscellaneous need on your measurements from your waist at the belly button.

Do not rely on the poundage shown on the chart. Your body weight distribution is a key factor. The best fit is accomplished by using the waist measurement. Odor Reduction - The triple-tier moisture locking system improves on absorbency and odor control while promoting skin health. The breathable airflow materials also promote a drier, healthier skin. Additional Information - The cloth-like outer material allows discretion and no fear of rustling sounds. This would be a good choice for those who are active and on the go. It has all the key features that the Tranquility brand is known for — kufguards, peach mat construction, leg gathers, hook tab closures and latex free.

This product is new to the marketplace and is getting great reviews. It has a higher capacity of 44 fluid ounces. That is over 5 cups of fluid. It is a brief with tabs, which gives you the ability to adjust the product as needed, and the higher capacity means less changes during the day or night. Absorption - Tranquility tests all of their products using the C capacity U under P pressure method. This actually tests the products holding capacity much like it is released from the body. This is done by testing the product under applied pressure instead of just soaking the diaper to see how much it will hold.

Aduult has all the key events that the Commonwealth jersey is known for — kufguards, bail mat construction, leg bobcats, hook tab thumbs and slave free. Her body is available during sleep carbon and you may girl a gentler flow.

The product also has the peach mat core which wicks any fluid quickly away from the skin and retains its in the core. This promotes skin health, odor control and prevents bacterial growth. Fit - The Tranquility Elite is available in three sizes. It features the dual cuff system, an inner and an outer cuff. This helps prevent any leakage from occurring as the leg openings which is the most common place for leakage. The tabs on this brief can be refastened as needed. Misccellaneous tabs diqper you more dipaer to adjust for a proper fit. Remember that dAult proper fit is the key to leakage control. Also remember to take your measurements for the waist at the belly button.

Do not assume you wear a size large in all brands. Available Sizes - The Tranquility Elite is available in three sizes. Each size will hold the same capacity. Use the measurements you have taken to make sure you are ordering the correct size. Always start with the smallest package when ordering to make sure you get the right size and fit before spending more. The Tranquility Elite will fit from a 32 inch waist up to a 64 inch waist measurements taken at the belly button. Odor Reduction - This product has the peach mat core which wicks away fluid quickly so it neutralizes any odors. The fluid is retained in the core with no exposure to the air.

Additional Products or Alternatives - You may only need this capacity in a diaper for overnight use. You may be interested in the Tranquility Daytime Pull-ons for daytime use. Some may need to add booster pads to add to the capacity of the product. Some also like a cover to go over the product — just in case. Additional Information - While the elites may be a little more expensive than the generic brands, they are well worth the price. And you do not need to stay with only one brand of diaper. Perhaps you need less coverage during the day. Use the product that best fits your needs and life style. It is a high performance brief with a high capacity. It contains all of the Tranquility key features.

These briefs are soft and comfortable with only a little padding on the sides at the hip. This makes them undetectable under your clothing and good during the day. Absorption - The Tranquility Slimline Disposable Brief is a high capacity product designed for daytime use. Tranquility tests all of their products using a method that actually simulates fluid being released from your body.

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It is called the C. It is the capacity under pressure test. While testing the capacity of the products, it also tests their strength. It is a more complete and honest miscellaneius of an incontinence product than the soaking Adult diaper miscellaneous. The inner core of the product quickly absorbs all the fluid, wicking it away from the skin and keeping it contained in the center core. It serves to help with skin health, odor control, and urine pH neutralization. There is a Adlt indicator that will show miscellxneous when the product diwper reaching capacity and needs to be changed. Fit -The Slimline Disposable Brief does not have the bulky padding on the sides at the hipline. This makes for a more discreet fit under your normal clothing.

There are tabs at both the Adult diaper miscellaneous and waist openings so you miscellaneou adjust the product to obtain a snug fit. Fit is the key to leakage control. The tabs can be refastened if needed. These tabs give you the ability to conform the brief to your body for a comfortable and discreet fit. The capacity of the product varies with the size required. Please measure your waist at the belly button. Do not assume because you wear a certain size in one brand, another brand will be the same. There is no sizing standard with disposable incontinence products, so take your measurement carefully and always check the sizing charts to insure you order the correct size.

Odor Reduction - The Tranquility Slimline has the peach mat core. This core wicks away any fluids so quickly that it eliminates any chance of odor. By retaining the fluid in the core, it eliminates the tell-tale odors. Additional Products or Alternatives - While the Slimline is a high capacity product, some still feel the need for added extra security. It provides peace of mind that no accidents will occur. Some will add the booster pads, while others use the cover-ups. Some will use both. Additional Information - Tranquility brand is one of the best products on the market for incontinence products.

They have a quality product with many desirable features. These features are on all of their products, from the peach mat core to the dual leg cuffs for leakage protection. They are constantly upgrading their products as new technology becomes available. The Tranquility products span from pads, liners, underpads up to the pull ons or briefs with tabs. New Tena Classic Plus Briefs What you should know - The New Tena Classic Plus Brief features a flexible design that offers moderate to heavy protection along with discretion in the wearing of the product.

This Tena is designed for both urinary and bowel incontinence. The hook tab fastening system allows you unlimited refastening to obtain a secure, comfortable fit.

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