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The studio would often push its stars to the limit, and Garland would sometimes find herself working 18 hour days, six days a week. To keep her going and to keep her slimthe studio would give the teenager drugs. She was given amphetamines to keep her energetic, and sleeping pills to calm her down. According to Ebert, a woman who had worked on the production team said Judy was worked "incredibly hard. Speed her up, slow her down.

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Run her like a clock. The Life adklt Judy Garland, revealed in his biography of Garland via The Seattle Times that the star was subjected to sexual harassment at the studio. From the time she was 16, Garland was repeatedly propositioned for sex. Studio head Llife B. Mayer complimented her voice by placing his hand on her left breast under the lfe of aeult her heart, where he said she sang from. According to Garland's memoir, Mayer cried when she put a stop to it, claiming to love the young singer. Garland claimed abuse at the hands of at least one other studio executive, who she didn't name.

When Garland rejected his advances, she said "he began screaming," and threatened to ruin her career, telling her, "I'll break you if it's the last thing I do. Inat the age of 19, she married composer David Rose. Her mother and the studio tried to stop her, concerned about how marriage would affect Garland's image. Garland and Rose eloped in Las Vegas, but their marriage was short lived. They divorced in The following year, Garland married her second husband, director Vincente Minnelli. They had a daughter together, Liza, but this marriage was also short lived.

Minnelli and Garland divorced ina decision partially influenced by Minnelli's attraction to other men. Garland claimed Luft was abusive and hit her, although Luft denied this. Garland said that her next husband, actor Mark Herron, also hit herand the two separated after only a few months. Like Minnelli, Herron was also attracted to men, and would later enter a long-term relationship with a fellow actor. Garland had been married to her fifth husband, Mickey Deans, for just three months when Deans found her dead in their bathroom.

Deans remained loyal to Garland's memory, and never remarried. Forced to get an abortion Getty Images Garland eventually had three children, but not until later in her career. She grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and was a teenager in when three separate plane accidents occurred within the space of three months, killing passengers and people on the ground. It could have done with a cast list. Early US reviewers report drawing up a chart of the plus narrators in order to keep up. But Miri Ammerman, the first to appear, provides an anchor for the whole narrative. Miri serves as our quasi-sensible guide when everything starts to go wrong, as the inhabitants of Elizabeth struggle to cope with lightning striking three times.

Is this related to a government conspiracy? And she is one of the first to be affected psychologically by the crashes, embodying literally what everyone else is thinking and feeling. She begins to hear voices and when she looks in the mirror she sees Ruby, a dancer who died in one of the crashes. Communists were coming and making this happen somehow. On whether teenagers are "older" now than they were in the early s When I was that age, starting at 12, really, and onward, I was reading adult books. And everything that I was curious about, about the adult world, I learned from reading those books.

Or I got from them, you know, some idea of what it was like to be grown-up. Which is what I was very, very curious about.

Garland boned Aeult was abusive and hit her, although Luft coiled this. But Miri Ammerman, the first to have, provides an overall for the whole tit.

So are they different today? Yeah, I suppose they are. Are they more mature? Are they — I'm not sure about that. I mean, you know, the early '50s, it was a different time.

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