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Winter Sun in Bahamas Sunny days during winter months are one of the main reasons so many people visit the Bahamas when the days are warm, bright and dry. White and pink sand beaches lapped by warm, clear, aquamarine water welcome beach holiday travelers year round. Also ask about cycling tours, especially on Grand Bahama. If that sort of thing makes you blush, my suggestion is to avoid senor frogs. Experienced holiday sailors may wish to journey around the many islands of the Bahamas or make their way to or from other Caribbean spots or Florida. Culture and Arts in Bahamas Most people come to the Bahamas to enjoy the beaches, weather, resorts, party atmosphere and water based activities, so the Bahamas are not a major culture and arts destination.

Winter Sun Backpacking in Bahamas The Bahamas is much more of a luxury vacation spot than a backpacker's destination with cheap lodging or food and just about anything inexpensive is hard to come by. But by noon, we fled towards the door, hands over the youngest kid's eyes, and lecturing the older ones about what not to do, when they get to college. A private clothing optional club on Cat Island has now closed permanently.

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The singles scene is much more active in the winter months, when throngs of tourists come partes escape the cold. Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Bahamas The Bahamas are one of the top scuba diving holiday destinations on the planet and offer a variety of reef, wreck, wall, drift, night and shark dives for beginner and advanced divers alike. Conveniences include safes and desks, and housekeeping is provided daily.

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