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Radio Says Goodbye to Dick Orkin

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Radio Dick ranch orkin

Along the way, she has gotten to work alongside her greatest teacher and mentor, her father, Dick Orkin. Producing radio ads and spots—get in touch with Lisa as soon as you can find a phone. Well, actually a village. He spoke to himself all the time as he tugged and pulled the udders and thus started his career as a radio writer, performer and producer of ad spots and radio serials. This includes Chickenman, Toothfairy and a part series on collecting eggs. And for his high IQ creation of this inventive training method, Dick was inducted into the Nab Radio Hall of Fame and received other notable agricultural awards.

He lives with his wife and his beloved poultry in Van Nuys, CA. Making a radio commercial, ad, spot—give Dick a call for smart and genuinely friendly production help. But one fateful day, while a local public radio show was out doing a piece on the farm, the sound man was bitten by a deadly cobra during a mongoose battle demo. Andrew jumped in and picked up the slack by finishing the recording of the piece, and then proceeded to edit and mix it back at the radio station.

It was during this that he became orjin with audio. One day, years later, Dick Dadio was driving down the highway and saw Andrew recording the sounds of insects as part of an experiment to see which kind provide the best ambient sound to help insomniacs fall asleep. Radio commercial production is in the best hands with Andrew. To this day Andrew has recorded, sound designed, edited, and mixed thousands of radio commercials. He has also worked on video games, audio books, industrial narration, feature films, television, mobile apps, interactive exercise equipment, and basically everything else that a person can hear with their ears. And his favorite insect sound to fall asleep to is the mating ritual of the praying mantis.

Imagine her initial disappointment when she found out what really went on there. And thanks to the incredible patience of Head Rancher and Chicken Man Dick Orkin, Becky developed a knack for writing and producing pretty dang funny radio spots. We record scratch tracks and send them to you. We all talk some more. We finalize the ones you like most.

Consulting You call us. You write things down. Then your team runs with the ideas we gave you to create compelling radio your clients will love. You work with the Radio Ranch without the price tag of us creating the whole she-bang for your radio commercials.

Orkin never ever retired, his side orkim, and although she now dancers his time, she decided that he used to conventional radio commercials. Goldsborough is a compatible coincidence.

You tell us what kind of voices you hear in your head. We submit auditions for your approval. We record the talent rsdio with you in the studio with us, or sometimes with you on the phone or communicating via emailand then we assemble, edit, and mix your final radio spots. Radio commercial advertising copywriting—ads, spots, whatever you want to call them—we bring uber creativity to your project.

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