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AT&T offers $20 naked DSL, if you know where to look

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While it technically met the conditions it agreed to, the services were offered at such an obscenely high price that few actually opted to drop their telephone service.

Unfortunately, instead of passing pro-consumer regulations, the FCC bends over backwards to help interndt telecom companies. According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politicsmore than naled FCC employees have also worked in the private sector. A successful class-action would probably result in a lovely situation where customers could choose between having the Electronic Frontier Foundation or the ACLU as their long distance carriers If they give you a hassle, say it's a retention offer. This was usually done as part of terms negotiated with the FCC.

Naked internet Att

To expect the company to do anything else would be inteernet. The company's website makes no mention of the intenret, nor do by Chris Soghoian November 27, If we as consumers want reasonably priced pro-consumer products and services, we cannot rely upon monopolist corporations to provide them. The company's website makes no mention of the service, nor do its Internet phone sales representatives offer or even discuss the service. The blame for this of course, falls squarely on the FCC.

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The Center's Revolving Door Database lists the FCC as the agency with the third-highest number of employees who have shuffled between the public and private interests focused on the federal government, behind only the White House and the House of Representatives. Those who opt for the stand-alone DSL service will be able to avoid paying the myriad of mandatory fees associated with a phone line. Even under this new, cheaper service offering, it is still impossible to get the company's highest tier of service, "up to" 6Mb downstream, without getting a phone line.

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