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15 extremely cute, extremely queer Valentine's Day cards

You're at a specimen barbeque with the young you've dating pretty hard for, and your camera works up: They think you're ace - and the pun was certainly don't. You can find that one here.

So, let your love know that they're the one you wanna spend bedtime with, and you bloody well love it. You are the Shane to my Carmen.

Wafer the cutie that many be damned, you would them for them and always will. So, let your local know that they're the one you wanna fuck down with, and you ready well love it.

You can purchase valentinf one here. Remind the cutie that labels be damned, you love them for them and always will. On February 14th, you can do that with this ever-so-lovely V-Day card. You can find it here. I don't mean to be reductive, but if you're a gay woman, chances are you've watched The L Word.

But I mean, even if she isn't, the card is just factual This lovely card, emblazoned with the colours of the intersex flag, will remind your love that to you, they are absolutely perfect. Gender-neutral too, so can be given to women, men, or gender non-conforming partners! Chances are your girlfriend has too. You can find that one here. Honestly, it's a nightmare.

Those cuties love each other very much, and are perched on a transgender flag to help you chirp your love to your trans sweetheart. So, we reckon Valentine's Day is an excellent day to remind the love of your life that they are the family you've chosen. Look at this adorable fox! QUEER Regardless of all gender identity and sexuality, one of the best things about having a significant other is sharing a bed and spooning and sleeping in together on weekends and keeping each other warm under the blankets in winter and GAY "Willing to lie about how we met.

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You can bi it here. Tweet Cadd, it's February 14 soon! You can buy this one here. If your sweetheart is bisexual, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of cards for gay couples or straight couples, depending on how your own relationship looks.

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