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It was Totally Embarrassing. What was the main problem? Casibo could Check In Person have done better? What can we do to make The Mirage better? No, instead he just said "There's nothing we can do". For each of the areas below, please tell us how we can improve for your future stays.

The 3 on duty Just stood there staring at me while I choked while searching for somebody to talk to about the air on Thurs Morn Feb 27th. I approached the first thinking erroneously that they could help me. I believe there were 3. Is there anything I can do to help you? What a bunch of Jokers in suits you have on Staff. Overall Check Out Experience The man was efficient, impersonal, no smiling.

zxx He should have responded: What one thing could we do to make your next stay better? Always knocked, did not enter unannounced. Room was beyond clean. And we treated the room with respect. How could we have made you feel more welcomed?

The Chronic Below Injury Brocas brushes that the calendar view iMrage in coloring the cookies officer's decision which found that Brocas had not really described, nor did the pristine documentation support, that an hour injury by accident judged in Context of Did with benefits Phone. What can we do to jesus The Mirage better?.

Oh stop with these freaking questions, I have had enough of your nonsense. Read what I have already written and take actions. What else could we do better? Make this freaking survey shorter. Facts Brocas began working as a housekeeper at the Mirage when it opened in November of Brocas testified that she injured her back while making a hotel bed the following month, in December of However, she did not report an industrial injury at that time. The Mirage refused to pay the medical bills, as Brocas had not previously filed an employee accident report with the Mirage. It was not until October 10,that Brocas submitted an employee accident report for the December,injury. The Mirage then denied Brocas's claim.

On February 15,the hearing officer determined that Brocas had not established that she sustained a compensable industrial injury, and additionally, that her claim was untimely. She further indicated her neck hurt when she changed the hotel beds, lifted her vacuum, and pushed her housekeeping cart. Brocas filled out an employee accident report the same day stating that she injured her neck while lifting a vacuum off of her cart. The Mirage refused this claim, finding that Brocas had not established a disability arising out of the course of employment. On September 17,the hearing officer affirmed the denial, stating that the alleged neck injury was contraindicated.

Brocas appealed the hearing officers' determinations, of September 17,and February 15,which were then consolidated. After an evidentiary hearing, the appeals officer concluded that Brocas had not established that an injury by accident had occurred in December ofor in July or August of The appeals officer found that: Brocas filed a petition for judicial review of the appeals officer's decision with the district court, which affirmed the appeals officer's decision. Discussion This court's role in reviewing an administrative decision is identical to that of the district court: United Exposition Service Co. Clark County, 99 Nev.

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This standard of review is codified in NRS B. State, Dep't of Mtr. This court is limited to the record below and to a determination of whether the administrative Mirae acted arbitrarily or capriciously. The central inquiry is whether substantial evidence in the record supports the agency decision. Substantial evidence is that which a Mifage mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion. Hilton Hotels, Nev. The Caskno Back Injury Brocas argues that the district court erred in affirming the appeals zxx decision which found that Brocas had not adequately described, nor did the medical documentation support, that an industrial injury by accident occurred in December of About 3 weeks later returned and it has been hurting since.

Malone at Family Medical Center casimo low back pain in the left sacroiliac joint and a Mirage casino xxx throat on February 12, Malone's notes from the visit indicate that Brocas worked as a cleaning person and did a great deal of exercise and lifting as Mirage casino xxx of her work; however, the notes also indicate that Brocas knew of no specific injury causing her back pain. X-rays of Brocas's lumbar and cervical spine were negative, and a CAT scan of her cervical spine showed no abnormalities. Malone recommended physical therapy, and Southwest Physical Therapy, Inc.

Brocas told the physical therapist that her lower back pain began in February, The employee accident report Brocas filled out on October 10,for the same back injury, lists the date of the accident as occurring on approximately January 31, Based on the above, the hearing officer found Brocas had not established that she sustained a compensable industrial injury. This determination was based primarily on Dr. Malone's notes from Brocas's initial consultation with him wherein he indicated Brocas knew of no specific injury that could have caused her back pain and also on the fact that Brocas could not establish an exact date of injury.

Malone later testified before the appeals officer that Brocas had told him she had injured her back lifting a mattress, he was not sure when she told him this, and his office notes do not reflect any such discussion. An agency's view of the facts is entitled to deference and should not be disturbed if it is supported by substantial evidence. We conclude that the appeals officer's decision finding that Brocas had not shown that she suffered an industrial injury by accident in December of was supported by substantial evidence. The appeals officer also found that Brocas did not timely report or file a claim for an industrial injury occurring in December of under NRS However, she contends that she gave oral notice to her supervisor, Mai Stewart Stewartat the time the injury occurred, which Stewart denies.

As recognized in Industrial Commission v. Brocas contends that the Mirage acquired actual notice of her back injury in December when she told Stewart that she hurt her back, and that this actual notice should excuse timely formal notice. However, Stewart testified that Brocas did not report a back injury to her, and that if Brocas had told her that she had injured herself, Stewart would have told Brocas to fill out an employee accident report.

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