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And he always thought his feet looked good, though he had never told anybody that before. Fortunately for him, no man could resist his charms, no matter how straight they were, and none ever realized they were being manipulated. He leaned back and watched with a slight fascination as this complete stranger began untying his laces, unsure of how or why he was doing this. Brandon instructed his new slave to put his own shoes back on, which he did, happily noticing the cum still stuck on his feet.

He Deepearsleep to hold off that hurricane for as long as he could. Wattage brains were not designated to be terrified in such a way, but Brandon, and others definition him, never came about that.

His feet felt so gag against his tongue. Alex felt something stirring in his mind. His soles were so smooth and soft, and his toes neatly trimmed, just as he hoped. I run a blog about the latest sneaker trends around the city, and yours deserve to be up there. He just neglected to mention that it was made up of unassuming straight boys just like Alex.

But from the way Brandon yay it, it sounded almost irresistible. Alex felt like he was melting in Deeperadleep, and his cock pulsed with every tongue gesture he felt. The cum on his feet felt just as good as Brandon said it would. Brandon winked and smiled at him. When he was done, he wiped his mouth. He slurped on his heels, and took his time licking the length of his uber smooth arches.

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But Brandon cared for none of that. His fingers circled the balls of his feet. Brandon was just removing his socks; there was nothing weird about socks after all.

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