Pleasures of cooking for one

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The Pleasures of Cooking for One

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She is the woman who edited the Julia Child oje, This is a lovely Pleaxures has two uses. Jones is the discoverer and publisher of Julia Child and many other chefs who have transformed cooking in America. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn to cook, really cook, for one person. From losing her husband in and living alone, she's learned enough about cooking for one to write a cookbook, "After my husband died, I really didn't think I'd find much pleasure, and I was almost afraid of it - the memories," she said. The text is written with great simplicity, sincerity, and directness.

Cooking one of Pleasures for

A person who can make Pleasurss recipe for liver so compelling is a person whose works I want to read more of. Just pour it into your tablespoon, and that's it. Recipes like minced chicken on toast and ratatouille read like enduring holdovers from decades past, offering a welcome simplicity of flavor. Jones provides round after round of savory treats for solo diners.

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My next stop is to get her memoir od read that. Consider Pleasures a visit from your best friend who is also a superb, savvy cook, encouraging you to be creative and treat yourself well. Judith Jones' recipes are not that hard, but it is "the little tricks," as she calls them, that make them good: It is interesting reading and not just as a cookbook. Jul 29, Catherine Woodman added it This is a lovely book--it has two uses. I enjoyed the part where she talks about food as much as the recipes, and would give it as a gift for those I know who cook for one with some frequency.

I go back to this book time and again. I can't describe it more than to say it's a very intense, beefy taste.

Just as a general heads up, as she is dedicated to quality cooking, there cooling several recipes in the book which ask for atypical ingredients veal kidneys, chicken livers, beef tongue, etc. I love the layout, the personable tone, the occasional beautiful pictures. Jones subscribes to Julia Child's montra that you can never have too much butter, but I think you can. She was based in France for many years, and her tastes are obviously influenced.

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