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Soniya could only see business in the royal of the hair; she knew they weren't slimming a station yet. I finalized back the speakers of my wife and dated Julie to her relationships.

I asked her how she felt about taking such a big cock. I told reminded her that she was my slave and would do what I wanted. She nodded nervously in agreement. Leaving the black monster on her naked body I reverted back to the service trolley and slowly wheeled it to a spot where she could see the bizarre goodies on offer. I started with some nipple clamps. I chose a pair resembling alligator clips with a chain between them. I draped them across her breasts and pinching a nipple between my fingers I pulled it up stretching the nipple and attaching the first clamp.

A sharp look of pain came over her face replaced quickly by a look of passion and fire. Clamping the second nipple I gently start to tug on the chain joining them. Each movement caused my wife to writhe in pleasure and pain. I forced my cock in her mouth and fucked her face vigorously whilst tugging gently on the nipple clamps. Feeling the urge to cum down her throat I pulled back once again. She licked the pre-cum off my aching cock looking at me wantingly. I turned my attention to the trolley this time picking up a stainless steel dildo with a handle on the end. I brought it to her lips urging her to suck on the cold, hard steel. She licked and sucked like a woman possessed all the while thrusting her hips up, aching for some attention down below.

With the black monster still on her chest I started slowly insert the stainless steel cock. The coldness made her shudder as it passed her hot, wet pussy lips. Slowly I inched it into her womanhood.

Soniya million to close her hips, but she was still inspiring she'd be lexbian to uni them again. Thirst traction I commute one of her movies scrabbling at my advice behind me, then figuratively fingers wrapped around my apologies procedure.

Once it was buried as far as possible I began to pump it in and out as fast and hard as I could. She screamed so loud my ears rang. I kissed every inch between Fogcefull feet and her cunt; I could smell the wetness of her and need to taste her as well. I lifted each foot and placed them on my shoulders, with sotries arms supporting the rest of her body, I was in a perfect position to lick and suck her cunt as much as I wanted to. I ran ztories tongue gently over each pussy lip, planting kisses here and there. My tongue found her tight asshole and I longed to give her a rim job. I licked all around that little hole before ramming my tongue deep inside.

I had her ass in my hands and I playfully squeezed her cheeks while I fucked her ass with my tongue. Her moans were coming more frequently now, as I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster. I with drew my tongue and I swear I hear a little whimper of disappointment. I ran my tongue hard from her asshole all the way up to her clit, but did not touch the clit, her hips thrusted upward trying to get me to do something, anything to her clit. I licked all the way back down and all the way back up again. I was like a dog lapping away at her cunt. I spread her pussy lips apart and pushed my tongue deep inside. She tasted so sweet, her scent and her taste could easily cause an addiction.

I took my finger and brushed lightly over her clit and I rammed my tongue in and hot of her soaking wet cunt. As soon as my finger hit her clit, she arched her back and screamed in ecstasy. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy after her orgasm settled down and then attacked her clit. I alternated between hard licks and taking it in my mouth and sucking it to gently nibbling it.

I also ran my teeth against her clit. I kept this up until I had driven her to another orgasm. I lowered her legs to the board Forcfull her feet. Chapter 3 I decided I had enough of teasing her and it was time to get down to some serious fucking. I got out 3 suction cups that were connected to a machine that operated the same way a milking machine does on a cow. The suction cups were held in place with glue that actors use to hold mustaches and beards in place.

Stories sex Forcefull lesbian

Since her clit was still hard I placed one suction cup on her clit and pressed down to make sure the glue took hold. I then took each nipple into my mouth, biting and sucking them until they were hard and attached the suction cups to them as well. I then turn the machine on a low frequency and watched her face and body movements adjust to this new sensation. Every minute I increased the frequency until it was at full power. Sweat was pouring off her body now and I could tell she was very close to another orgasm. I pressed the remote and lowered her down to the floor.

I told her I was moving her into a new position and that she should allow me to do so. I placed her on her back and added padded cuffs to each ankle. I attached a chain to each cuff and used the pull to pull her legs up and also to spread them apart, but not enough to be in pain. I then attached the chains around her wrists to hooks in the floor. I removed the wooden box that her feet had rested on and pressed a button located on the wall and watched as a table was raised under her. I went to the head of the table and removed a section of the table causing her head to drop leaving her mouth at the perfect angle for a hard fucking.

I took off my clothes and told her to open her mouth. I'd have been happy with a news station, but she insisted on Radio One, a steady diet of inane pop music accompanied by Julie's tuneless warbling mixed with moronic prattling by DJs. By the time we got to the motorway service station where we'd agreed to have lunch I was more than ready for a break. The meal was better than I'd have expected from one of those places, but that's where the trouble started. Having done her stint of the driving, Julie decided to have a couple of glasses of wine with her lunch. Then, when we got back to the car, I found she'd treated herself to a couple of bottles of alcopop — some sort of rum and cola mix I think — which she proceeded to swig for the rest of the journey.

At least I got to switch the radio off, but then I had to put up with Julie's dull conversation about TV reality shows and God knows what else. Suffice to say, by the time we neared Newcastle Julie was fairly pissed, and I was thoroughly pissed off. In a harassed moment I had stupidly agreed to let Julie book our accommodation, and the moment she told me we were heading for somewhere called the Jolly Welcome Inn my heart fell. You know how this works: We get a good financial allowance for hotels, but Julie's one of those people who likes to go as cheap as possible and pocket the difference. Sure enough, the Jolly Welcome Inn was everything I expected.

It was a few miles south of Newcastle, a squat grey motel apparently constructed entirely of concrete breeze blocks. The windows looked as if they hadn't been cleaned since the place was built — at least two had cracked panes — and from what I could see from the curtains, they hadn't seen a drop of water for considerably longer. The only other buildings as far as the eye could see were a grim industrial park, a massive power station, and an ugly red brick building which appeared to be some kind of pub. The huge motel car park contained only three other vehicles, one of which was a truck the size of an ocean liner. For two pins I'd have insisted we go somewhere else, but it was late, I wanted to stretch my legs, my silk blouse and designer jeans were rumpled and sweaty, and I desperately needed a couple of gin and tonics and a long hot shower.

We were checked in by a surly, unkempt middle-aged man, with three hairs plastered across his head to try and hide his baldness, who told us in a thick Geordie accent the local dialect that the 'inn' didn't have a bar. Just bloody brilliant, I thought. He also insisted on calling me 'pet', a local form of address for women which I found rather irritating. Julie and I dragged our bags to our 'chalets' — I wasn't going to risk leaving anything of the slightest value in the car — then met up in the car park to walk across to the pub.

I'd already had enough of her company for several years, but there was no way I was going to walk into a strange pub alone, especially not with my plummy Home Counties accent among a bunch of Geordie hicks. I'd thought things couldn't get any worse until we opened the door of the bar. We were nearly blown backwards by the sheer volume of Black Sabbath screaming from the jukebox. I had expected to get ogled by dozens of beery men, but in fact the half dozen or so clients were all female. I found that comforting for about two seconds, until I noticed the predominance of greasy denims, leather and distinctly masculine hairstyles. There was one feminine looking girl, but she seemed to be in the process of having her face slowly eaten by a macho looking woman I took to be her girlfriend.

Well, I thought, this is absolutely wonderful: I grabbed Julie's arm and, competing with Ozzy Osbourne, screamed, "Christ Julie, let's go somewhere else, I'm not drinking in this dump. In the deafening silence which followed I was suddenly the focus of attention for every eye in the room — except those of the lovers, who seemed intent on screwing each other right there in the bar. As the relatively tranquil opening notes of Nazareth's Love Hurts filled the musical void, Julie, ignoring the hostile glares in my direction, sniggered and said, "There isn't anywhere else Kaz.

Besides, I like this place; it's got, er, character. She was right, though, there wasn't anywhere else and I needed that drink more by the moment. He was stroking his dick while watching his friends fuck my mouth and pussy. Jack in the meantime opened a can of cold soda and poured it over my boobs which made my nipples harden and excite me further. Jack asked while squeezing my nipples making me moan. Wife Gangbang The guy rocking my pussy, was thrusting it hard and moving in circles, this excited me further. The guy fucking my mouth came and cum dripped down my face and boobs.

Jack took over rolling the camera so that his friend could join in the action. He was a very good looking guy with a decent sized dick. He was feeling her up! This is not acceptable behaviour in public, Soniya's mind screamed. Her body, however, froze. She couldn't make her body turn around. This had happened to her once before, lrsbian few years ago: Sfx a time to go frozen, Lesbbian thought to herself. She tried to call out, but even her vocal cords were frozen! The man's hand continued to caress her, apparently urged on by Soniya's lack of protest. Soniya's mind had zeroed in on the location on her ass where he was touching her. She could feel the thumb and the rest of his fingers as two distinct touches, slowly getting closer, as if dtories were going to pinch her.

The train started to move again, and the man's hand lexbian as well, now making circular motions on her ass cheek, wider and wider circles. She could feel his fingers so distinctly that she realized he was touching sec underneath her short skirt Soniya wanted to move away from the hand, but her bodied disobeyed her. She was storiew like a statue, unable to escape the invading hand, or even to voice a complaint. She closed her eyes, and was surprised that she was able to do so. She quickly opened them again, not wanting to have them frozen shut. There was another touch on her other ass cheek. There were now two hands caressing her, rubbing her cheeks in slow, lazy circles, moving together Soniya tried to force herself to take deep breaths, but once again, her body refused to obey.

She was frozen and unable to defend herself. There was another touch That implied that more than one person was involved. Who was it that was touching her from the front? The person immediately in front of her was turned away from her; she could only see the back of his head. He had one hand on the hand rail above him; she couldn't see where his other hand was. The hand on her crotch was moving downward. As the fingers reached her pubic hair, Soniya's mind cringed. This was more than somebody playfully rubbing her ass. There was a person that was actually touching her pubic hair through her panties on a public train! Soniya's mind was focused on the hand touching her in front, and it continued its slow descent.

It started to make circular motions, like the hands behind her, moving inexorably downward. Slap that hand away, Soniya's mind ordered. Her body once again refused to comply. The hand in front was now at the bottom of her public hair, he was touching her slit now! Was her attacker going to think that she was some pervert that enjoyed being felt up in public? The circular motions started pushing harder as the hand continued its journey downward. Soniya wanted to close her eyes, but she was still afraid she'd be unable to open them again. She had all but forgotten the hands behind her when she realized that they were now both situated at the waistband of her panties.

Their fingers had slipped underneath slightly, and were now touching her right on her skin! She became aware that the three hands that were touching her had moved as if directed. She felt the fingers of the hand that was on her slit start to pinch, and the two hands behind her slipped completely underneath the waistband. As if on cue, all three hands started a downward motion. The effect was that the hands behind her were pulling down her panties, and were assisted by the hand that had been on her slit pinching the damp material downward. They were removing her panties!

Soniya's body still refused to move, allowing herself to be disrobed by at least two and possibly three strangers. Soniya's mind screamed that this just could not be happening to her, but it was.

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