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adukt Evans and Saint-Aubin showed that fixations on details in acrtoon can be changed by altering the content of the text. In the same vein, Verhallen and Bus found that visual elements that the text highlighted arult fixated more often and longer than elements in illustrations similar in color, size and other characteristics but not highlighted in the story text. Children are known to be especially attentive to rapid action Potts et al. It is also possible that motion helps children to target a detail in an illustration instead of scanning the whole picture resulting in longer average fixations on the target detail. Motion in an illustration might thus help to concretize the story language that children simultaneously hear which supports understanding the story and specific words in the text.

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Fred this detail in the illustration may help to comprehend the simultaneously spoken complex text fragment saying: And what you're trying to do really when carrtoon tell a story, is to get the audience to Frde that same feeling. One of the big revelations for me telling stories, is how much work they are, really. I always vidro, you would just tell the story once, and it would be perfect. And geniuses like Walt Disney or Miyazaki, this brilliance comes out of their head once, and there it is. Well the truth is, our stories don't always come out exactly perfectly the first time, or the second time, or the third time, or the fourth time, up to the 30th time.

And so you keep going again and again. And only after retelling the story many, many times, does it really sparkle. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Thirty nine participants listened to an animated and a static book, both three times, while eye movements were registered with an eye-tracker.

It is proposed that animated illustrations that are well matched to the text of the story guide children to those parts of the illustration that are important for understanding the story. This may explain why animated books resulted in better stoyrbook than static books. When information from different sources are simultaneously available it supports the integration of images and language, and the verbal information will be understood and retained better than if conveyed by words alone Paivio, Reviews focusing on software for young children have shown that, apart from static pictures, in particular animated pictures can be helpful additions to stories Kamil et al.

If electronic books contain animated pictures this supports learning even in the absence of parental mediation Strouse et al.

Video storybook Free adult cartoon

The aim of the current study was to specify why motion pictures in electronic books may provide cartoo to the young learner, more so than printed books with only static illustrations. Storybpok far there is not much empirical evidence for the so-called visual cartlon hypothesis, proposing that looking at motion pictures is more appealing to young children than listening to the oral language Hayes and Birnbaum, When the two sources of information — narration and motion pictures — were not mismatched, the initial research finding of a negative effect of motion pictures on language recall disappeared in line with the dual coding theory Pezdek and Stevens, ; Pezdek et al.

According to dual coding theory, the two kinds of stimuli, non-verbal information and narration, can be processed simultaneously without causing cognitive overload. They are processed in separate but interconnected channels thus enhancing mental representations and memory traces that connect details of pictures with phrases in the narrative Paivio,

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