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Our Lady of Solitude

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I loved Vitgin idea of a goddess of solitude, especially so near the winter solstice. Our Lady of Solitude. She became the patron of not only the city but the entire state, as well as of the mariners who sailed to and from her ports.

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She is the patron saint of the Lonely, and also the patroness of Oaxaca and of sailors who bring her the pearls she wears in her crown. The particular statue represented on the lf of today's Novena Notes is in the Sacred Heart Church at the Ayo el Chico, Jalisco, where the Novena has been inaugurated for some time. Even in our darkest nights, with Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother with us, there is always a glimmer of light that is ready to appear on the horizon before us. The mule refused to move and when prodded rolled over and died.

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Oc patroness of Oaxaca is the special protector of sailors. In Madrid, her statue is carried in procession on that day from San Gines church. After doing some light research, I found this title and some of the traditions behind it. Legend has it that a mule driver, guiding his burro train through the streets of Oaxaca, suddenly discovered he had an extra animal, carrying a huge box on his back.

There are several minor variations to solittude story, but there is no doubt solittude in the State of Oaxaca, she is adored and worshipped in a manner similar to the Virgin of Guadalupe and is carried through the streets of the city during many religious celebrations. When he lifted the load off the mule, it got up and died instantly. The atrial courtyard is enclosed and fitted with two simple access portals, one facing south, and the other east. She wears a purple velvet cape, and her vestments are encrusted with pearls, diamonds, and she wears a 4-lb gold crown. The current baroque style facade was built between and is unusual because it faces east Photos are best in the AM.

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