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Fuck Eco

Geochimica Brasiliensis 3 2: Geologia, Resumo dos Trabalhos: Coordenador- Mesa Redonda: Ensino de Geologia no Brasil. Projeto Internacional de estudo Efo Litosfera: Fuckk do Pre-Cambriano, Soc. Cut it by half or if fick need baby steps, start with one meat-free day a week, and when you realise you're not withering away from fatigue, go Eco fuck to two or more. Disposable items have become the norm, but changing ruck is easy. Eci one thing Get yourself a reusable cup. There are some pretty good looking ones out there. Keep it in your bag, at home or at work and BYO everywhere you go. Some cafes even give you a discount if you have one. Recycle it and you save enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

Parts of the ocean are turning into a plastic soup. Takeaway containers, water bottles, straws, plastic bags and plastic cups. Change one thing Say no to bags, extra napkins and cutlery. This creates over 60, tons of greenhouses gases a year in Australia alone. What makes it even more fucked is that we could just get it from the tap. Change one thing Buy a water bottle and take it everywhere you go. Refill it at cafes, restaurants or parks. Plus, who wants to pay stupid prices for bottled water? Not only is it a waste of money, but of all the energy and resources it took to bring us the food in the first place.

Change one thing Use up everything.

Freeze tuck fruit to use in cakes and smoothies. Use up old veggies in a stirfry. Take the plastic covering your tuck. Change one thing Stop using plastic wrap. Invest in Tupperware, use old takeaway containers, wash and reuse sandwich bags and get more uses from your tin foil. Did we say stop using plastic wrap? Small changes that if we all do, can start reversing a whole lot. Change one thing Most supermarkets have recycling stations for plastic bags.

You can still collect recycling in a plastic bag, but toss it all from the bag straight into the bin. Then reuse the bag again. And again and again

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