Vintage card shuffler

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This German encryption device used during World War II contained rotors that stepped each time a key was typed and produced an encrypted version of the letter. Each card was taken from the top of deck and sent to the corresponding player's receptacle using a conveyor track. Working at the company's longtime headquarters on Springfield Ave. The cards fell into another receptacle and the operator would turn the whole device to distribute the cards to another player. According to the patent, the design contains multivibratorslogical-and gates and a tube oscillator. Computerized shufflers[ edit ] InThomas Segers patented his "electronic card dealer" which was not working with real cards but simulating random selections.

This rotation activated a roller which would distribute the bottom card out of the box. According to the patents filled during the s and s, designers created simple devices where a basic shuffling operation was repeated several times by feeding the output deck back into the machine instead of having one complex pass implying many tricky mechanical operations ending up with a poor shuffling and lower reliability. The risks of the manual shuffle, however—much like the cigarette smoking—were numerous and potentially deadly. To some extent, his device was one of the first attempts to make a computerized pseudo-random generator and game console.

The patent also contains mathematical explanations regarding the inner state of his machine. Variable friction between the rollers and the cards themselves ensured some randomness as in Ranney's machine. The device simulated a riffle shuffling by extracting the cards through a slot at the bottom of each box and placing them in a pile in the middle. I just found the same one and would like to know the value also.

Card shuffler Vintage

You might go as far as to assume they were Nestor Johnson's signature product, but in fact, Nestor Johnson himself never even knew these things existed. Mildred Vestaswind8 years ago Go to ebay and put in Card shuffler, they have many to choose from Barbara Shannon, 8 years ago Is your Johnson card shuffler for sale? A glass windows permitted seeing that all cards had fallen into the compartment. Some devices were simple boxes with combs that would simulate a manual shuffling like riffle shuffling.

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