Herniated umbilical cord on adult dog

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Umbilical Hernias In Dogs: More Common Than You Think

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Adult dog Herniated umbilical on cord

The argument is that the increased weight pressing down on the area from dlg pregnant uterus could cause the hernia opening to stretch and enlarge. Purebred dog breeds known to have at least a predisposition to hernias include representatives of the Toy, Sporting, Terrier, Aduult, Hound and Herding Groups. It should be noted that an occasional umbilical hernia will show up in a litter and may simply be a fluke. Hernias less than one centimeter in size may heal spontaneously by the time a puppy reaches four months of age. Hernias that do not close by four months of age should be surgically repaired. Surgical repair consists of gently pushing the protruding tissue back through the opening and then suturing the hole closed.

The surgical repair can be performed at the same time a puppy is spayed or neutered. In these situations, if not treated, the umbilical hernia can be fatal. The good news is that they are completely treatable! There are five common types of hernias seen in dogs.

This is the most common type of hernia. These are congenital and most commonly seen in puppies. If Hefniated dog is outside of this age range, surgery may be required to close a small, reducible hernia and will likely be required in the case of an irreducible hernia. During surgery, the scar tissue that has formed around the hernia are removed, any organs that have become entrapped are returned to their proper place, and the opening in the muscle is closed with sutures.

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The only risks to this surgery are the general risks of anesthesia and surgery, such as bleeding and infection. Often, when caught early, umbilical hernia surgery is paired with spaying or neutering. If you have a puppy under the age of six months, watch the site to see if it closes by the six-month mark. When a hernia occurs here, the opening enlarges and the intestines from the abdominal area pass through it, producing a swelling immediately under the skin.

Types of hernias in dogs In dogs, there are also hernias involving the muscles that surround the abdomen and they are commonly found at two locations. The first site would be in the groin area on the inner surface of the rear leg - an inguinal hernia. The second site would be the 'belly button' where the umbilical cord had connected the puppy to his mother. A hernia at this location is called an umbilical hernia. In both cases, abdominal organs such as the intestines or fat pass through the opening and lie just beneath the skin. Another common hernia site in dogs involves the internal muscle that separates the abdomen and chest.

That muscle is called the diaphragm, so the hernia is therefore referred to as a diaphragmatic hernia. The intestines and other abdominal organs such as liver and stomach are able to pass through the opening within the diaphragm into the chest cavity. There they take up a portion of the space normally occupied by the lungs.

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