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Backup frequency ckub Each following Monday of the month on Monthly meetings on second Thursday of the month at 7: Program Coordinator for Suwannee County. The backup frequency is For more information see http: The first Monday of each month on Ted Stone, who was monitoring one of the radios attached to a computer for the event that day, was always fascinated with electronics. The net meets Monday at 9: If the repeater is down, call on Bob Mitchell was running a different radio.

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The FPTN is a combined-section net that maintains daily liaison floruda the National Trafic System, handles formal written traffic and trains for emergencies. Rural Radio Preparedness Association Thursday at 7: All participating repeaters should connect directly to REFC. If the repeater is off the air, go to A controller Ted Stone built using an Altoids mints can. This is the MARC repeater. Please join us for equipment and friendship!

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With hurricane season upon us, last Saturday, the Columbia Amateur Radio Society and other Amateur Radio Societies across the Nation were gearing up with a dry run for a disaster, testing their equipment and making sure communications were a go. Also we now offer an Echo link connection every Tuesday. Email is wd3b cfl. The EOC dispatchers take the information from the ham radio operators and distribute that information to fire, rescue and law enforcement as needed, even to the media.

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