Linear strip theory

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This is particularly true for the treatment of the diffraction problem. However, many strip theory methods provide only hull girder sectional forces and moments, such as vertical bending moment and vertical shear force, which are difficult to apply to 3D finite element structural models. The total rigid-body velocity is the sum of vertical velocity due to the ship heave and pitch. First, the problem was formulated and solved analytically. Then, it calculates excitation forces and moments acting on a ship advancing at constant forward speed with arbitrary heading for sway, heave, roll, pitch and yaw modes of motion.

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Relative to the ship Liinear the total potential is: Finally, added resistance of Thheory type ship was calculated by SMA to compare the results to the ones given by Salvasen [3] and to validate the calculations. The hydrodynamic pressure will srip integrated over the ship hull to obtain the added-mass and damping coefficients next: In addition, it also includes a subroutine which evaluates steady drift forces acting on a ship in the plane of undisturbed free surface. The same is not true in the radiation problem even for slender ship. The potential derivative along x-direction is computed using the approach proposed by Salvesen, Tuck and Faltinsen. The same argument applies to Roll-Sway-Yaw.

The principal assumption is: The added mass and damping coefficients of a fully submerged heaving circle and a semi-circle in heave and sway were calculated to validate the results of SMA. These results are also in very good agreement with the available computational and experimental results.

Strip theory Linear

However, 3D panel based hydrodynamic analyses are computationally expensive. They are computationally efficient, and they provide good prediction for motions and hull girder loads. The nonlinear boundary condition on the exact position of the ship hull is:

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