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Those employed by Bkdy are subject to strict standards, but there is no governing body to apply standards to independent interpreters. Aurele Bourgeois, who is deaf, said he once arrived at the hospital around 2 a. That means that people writing back and forth with a doctor or lawyer would already be translating into a second language, as well as trying to understand complex information. There is only one school in Ontario — in Toronto — that offers a sign language interpreter program. Kerr said even once someone has graduated from the program, it can take years before their language skills become strong enough to interpret for a criminal trial or a cancer diagnosis.

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Lori Powers, director of the emergency centre for the Windsor Police, said tech upgrades and training are required before the service can launch. There is a shortage of qualified interpreters in the city. The service is expected to be available in Windsor by December In the case of emergencies, efforts are made to access interpreters as quickly as possible, but sometimes no one is available. He added that when people rely on family or friends for those interpretations, they may get information that is shielded to protect their loved one, or inadequate information because of the complex terminology. Carolyn Thompson, Windsor Star Updated: American Sign Language is a unique language, interpreter Christie Reaume says.

Users will have to register their cellphone to allow the text alnguage to go through. They first must call the line, then will receive a text message back asking about the emergency. It was shut down because of low enrolment numbers, despite the high need for qualified interpreters in the region.

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