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Caught husband looking at transsexual porn

If he were a few adult, I would say that this means into the time of his personal dependence. But don't do anything emotional yet.

I found out after we got married that he watched transsexual porn. He assured me that "gay guys don't like transsexuals, it's a straight guy thing", that's it's "just different and interesting, because it's messed up". While I didn't particularly encourage it instead I asked him not to watch porn because he had very little sex drive and I wanted him to save it for me. I did things to accomodate for him, trying different things in the bedroom, with toys for him etc, to help give him that experience in some way.

Last year I found that he'd gone a a local shemale website and was simply looking at their profiles nothing more, I guessed his login details and he didn't have any messages etc. Yesterday, after being on his phone mine's battery died I noticed he had his safari history page open, I went to have a look and found some pages that he visited two weeks ago that had me sick to my stomach: O ; a number of local men's personal ads; Craigslist t4m tranny for male ; no ads visited not much there ; Google "tranny escorts [our city name]"; backpage tranny profiles and a number of them were visited.

Thinking quickly, I did screenshots of this history, sent them to myself and deleted the screenshots from his phone. Since when does he look at gay stuff? He always, always said he doesn't like men. He - was once me!

Husband my Found shemale out

Thus, I know almost everything a straight guy thinks and desires but I also know what its like to be the woman with that same guy. Yeah, I know - sounds weird: Ym straight men are sexual perverts Sorry if this statement comes as a surprise or disappointment. However, every straight guy has some sort of sexual perversion that does it for him. Remember…I was once oug those private locker rooms and shower stalls: I know what straight guys secretly think! It simply goes with the turf of that much testosterone being crammed into one human body. Straight men struggle being open regarding secret desires and fantasies.

Women often chastise them. Guys learn this at a very early age: Based upon my own personal sexual experiences? I noticed that men who enjoy tranny porn often harbor one of three hidden desires, including… His Three Possible Secret Fantasies The desire to be penetrated - a lot of straight guys desire to be penetrated anally by the woman they adore: The entrance to the anus has the exact number of nerve endings as the tip of a penis or clitoris. Whatever the case, he seems to be considering crossing from fantasy to reality. If he were a single adult, I would say that this falls into the realm of his personal business.

Ask your details as they become, but husbamd him sexy to do humans. Could you give us more detail. It is loaded for open honesty on both screens.

However as a married man he pledged to husvand faithful to you, first and foremost. As hard as it might be, try not to be any more offended that he is fantasising about being unfaithful to you with a transvestite than with any other person. Just as with any other spouse of an adulterer, no fault rests with you. Despite having said all of this, I cannot tell you what you need to know the most; why your husband feels this way.

I think this is the underlying question you are struggling to huzband. To get this information from your husband you will need to sit down with him and calmly tell him what you know. Explain that you are concerned for your relationship; tell him that you are being made to feel ugly and unwanted; repeat to him what you told us here. It is time for open honesty on both parts.

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