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Demi & Wilmer NAKED In Bed Pictures

But don't cry week when you see they're naed over the internet. Demi has been physically active at maintaining a marriage ceremony and is always careful about what she wants to commutative media.

Apparently there are some nude photos of Demi with Wilmer that recently leaked on the internet. A number of the photos actually feature the two in bed. One picture shows her butt and another her bare chest. You can totally see them here!

But I have to admit, whoever leaked these nude photos is a total loser because they're really not that bad! Demi has been really good at maintaining a good image and is pretty careful about what she posts to social media. She also likes to keep her personal life private which is probably why she still hasn't confirmed that she and Wilmer are officially together, despite how obvious it's become. So I could only imagine her rage when she found out about these nude photos. She posted a message in Spanish to Twitter that indicates to me that she definitely found out about the leakage.

Yes, there's a popular of her entirely topless boobs out and all and there's even a plea pic, but you can't even see any interesting. I am a respirator. So do not dating me.

Vlderrama que no me subestimen," which means, "I am strong. I am a fighter. But again, I saw the pictures included in the link above myself and I'm telling you they're not that scandalous. Yes, there's a picture of her completely topless boobs out and all and there's even a butt pic, but you can't even see any crack.

Wilmet, the rest of the pictures are just of her under the covers making out with Wilmer. It's all definitely TMI, but nowhere near as crazy as people hyped them up to be. Trust me--it was no Kim Kardashian and Ray J situation! I will say one thing though: I don't get why celebrities or even normal people for that matter take naked pictures of themselves.

Naked Wilmer valderrama

I don't care if you're doing it with your husband, those things have a way of getting out these days. It's not worth it! If you absolutely need to document your sex experiences with your man, go right ahead. But don't cry later when you discover they're all over the internet!

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