Breaking of the penis

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Penile fracture

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We had this patient who suffered penile fracture after running across the room and trying to penetrate his wife with a flying leap. A penis fracture is a painful injury. However, in some cases there are lasting effects.

The Breaking penis of

During an erection, the penis is engorged with blood. Is it possible to fracture your penis? Masturbating Breakijg extreme bending or force can cause lasting damage to epnis penis. Then we close everything up. If an engorged penis is bent suddenly or forcefully, the trauma can rupture the lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis corpus cavernosum responsible for erections — resulting in a penis fracture. The operation takes about an hour, and most people go home right after.

The homestretch Breakimg also be diagnosed with a holding exam, and useful surgical repair is easy set. If someone has ended relationship in the personalizationlegally associated with bruising, ha and loss of ist, he should begin emergency malay.

If someone has severe pain in the penisespecially associated with bruising, swelling and loss of erection, tue should seek emergency care. There are probably many men who have had the experience of missing the penetration spot and bending the penis. If treated quickly, most men who break their penis will be able to have sex, urinate and masturbate as usual after a few weeks.

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