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Breast Engorgement: What It Is and How to Find Relief

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During those first few days while experiencing engorgement post-birth, your breasts should feel more comfortable immediately after a feeding, and the swelling should subside within a couple days. Trying a few different relief options—with feeding baby engorgsment the first Brdast of defense—can help your body feel better. How to Relieve Engorged Breasts You may think pumping will relieve breast engorgement, and it will—in the short term. But in the long term, pumping only encourages your body to produce more milk, exacerbating the issue. Instead, put baby to the breast as often as possible. Here, some easy at-home tactics for how to relieve engorged breasts: Warming your breasts right before a feeding can help soften your breasts and encourage letdown.

But apply the compress for just a few minutes—using heat for too long can increase swelling and inflammation. Lie flat on your back between feedings so that your breasts are elevated. Apply cold compresses to your breasts and under your arms between feedings. Cold can help reduce swelling. Use a layer of fabric between the compress and the skin. Bags of frozen vegetables or a disposable diaper that you dampen and put in the freezer for 20 minutes work just as well as the ice packs that you purchase at the drugstore. Apply cold compresses for minutes off and on and off for hours.

Engoggement use of heat immediately before nursing can help the milk let-down. Taking a warm shower, leaning over a basin of warm water, soaking in a warm bath, or applying warm compresses or a heating pad may help. Moist heat is best. Gentle breast massage can also help the milk flow more readily.

Hand express or pump a little milk from your breast to soften the nipple and areola before trying to nurse. Gently massage the breast before nursing. You may not be able to turn it up to maximum, but try to increase the pressure as much as you comfortably can. Apply a few drops of olive oil to your nipple and areola before pumping to help prevent friction while pumping. You have any questions. Other treatments for engorgement Cabbage Applying cabbage leaf compresses to the breast can be helpful for moderate to severe engorgement. There is little research on this treatment thus far, but there is some evidence that cabbage may work more quickly than ice packs or other treatments, and moms tend to prefer cabbage to ice packs.

What are cabbage compresses used for? Sprains or broken bones, to reduce swelling. To use cabbage leaves: Green cabbage leaves may be used chilled or at room temperature. This may help the milk begin to flow. Use of heat for extended periods of time over 5 minutes may make swelling worse.

Help Breast engorgement

Use cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings to reduce swelling. Gently massage and compress the breast when the baby pauses between sucks. This may help drain the breast, engorgemeent less milk behind. Ask your health care professional about medications such as ibuprofen to reduce pain and inflammation. A well-fitted, supportive nursing bra makes some women feel better. Others prefer to go bra-less during engorgement. Gentle breast massage and relaxation techniques may help improve milk flow and reduce engorgement. Hand expression or brief use of a breast pump may help soften the nipple and areola so that the baby can get a better latch.

Some women find that a single use of a breast pump to soften severely engorged breasts diminishes painful inflammation.

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