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What Are the Risks and Benefits of Drinking Urine?

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A top Google results for "urine therapy" is the Universal Drlnkings Taowhich claims that "drinking urine is a good alternative wherever water is scarce If you still cannot bring yourself to drink your own urine pure, mix a dash of it into a glass of fruit juice or mix it with water and honey. Natural Healing Source Center, "medical research writer" and "natural health consultant" Martha Christy claims that urine therapy is "powerful And if you search YouTube for "drinking your own p33," you'll find a ton of videos of people drinking and talking about the benefits of urine therapy. When I spoke to Dr. Lauren Schulza urologist at Total Urology Care in New York City, she disputed these urine drinkers' claims that urophagia is a vitamin-rich, effective naturopathy treatment.

If there's high calcium or any other minerals, it crystallizes into stone formation and if an animal [or human] has stone formation, it usually follows infection. Schulz told me, normal pee from a healthy individual isn't especially harmful it just isn't beneficial, either. Even if you're stranded in the desert without an adequate water supply, urine isn't a good substitute. The Army, Marine, Navy, And Air Force Survival Guide places urine as the number one liquid military personnel should not drink if they're desperate for hydration, followed by "fish juice," blood, sea water, and alcohol. Urea is found in multiple skin preparations and is typically used in a cream for dry skin.

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It can be very helpful for thick scaly areas especially on feet, knees and elbows; but also generally for dry skin," dermatologist Dr. William Kwan dirnkings me. Urea can be synthetically produced, and the National Institute of Health's Open Chemical Database cites multiple studies that support the efficacy of urea in treating psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. When urine passes through the urinary tract, it becomes contaminated with bacteria. Toxins Urine contains waste products that have been filtered out of your bloodstream. They are, however, highly concentrated.

Drinkings Piss

And your body is trying to get rid of these, because if they stay in the body, they do harm. Drinking urine reintroduces concentrated waste products into your system. This forces the kidneys to filter them out again, causing unnecessary strain. Can drinking your own urine save you from dying of dehydration?

Although it makes for a dramatic movie scene, this is just a myth. Urine contains concentrated salts and minerals. To process salt, your kidneys require a certain amount of water.

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