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Sex without fear – ​my experiment with ​the HIV-prevention drug PrEP

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Joe pores in L. I was interested research about our last month, so I reminded him a text messaging effectively patch things off. And I was noted of not educated fun.

You will sxe to text a dare to your partner. Rather, research regarding HIV and sexual behavior among female drug users is dominated by a risk-focused epidemiological paradigm which narrowly defines risk behaviors, measures their prevalence and explores the correlates of these behaviors e. Vital knowledge has been gained about drug-using women and sexual risk behavior such as unprotected sex and multiple male partners using epidemiological methods S. However, the focus on violence, trauma and social disadvantage often predominates to the degree that it obscures any sense of agency or pleasure women who use drugs may experience.

Nevertheless, the common-sense notion of agency as a measure of individual empowerment and efficacy is valued by drug users and can be a powerful component of successful drug treatment P.

The pursuit of pleasure is one arena in which feelings of agency may play out. One explanation for this absence is the emphasis on pathological theories of drug use in the U. Similarly, drug-related needs — not pleasure or desire — are seen as the primary motivation for sexual engagement. In this framework, it is difficult to make room to document the potentially positive aspects of sexual behavior and drug use.

Sex Nasty chain

In addition, the widespread criminalization and social condemnation of dhain use contributes to a research environment that rewards scientists for focusing on disease and risk, and provides little incentive to delve into areas like pleasure that appear vaguely disreputable, not to mention difficult to quantify and seex Duff, The marginalization of desire and pleasure in HIV research may imperil our ability to develop effective prevention strategies. By the time I can make my second PrEP monitoring appointment I have been taking the drug for six weeks. Is PrEP contributing to that?

I receive a phone call from the Mortimer Market Centre. I am told there has been an anomaly in my test results. I have to discontinue taking PrEP immediately and go back to the clinic for an emergency blood test. When the results come through a few days later, it seems my kidney function is back to normal. I was feeling weird about our last date, so I sent him a text message effectively breaking things off.

But walking to the bar, I chaij oddly giddy and carefree. My past romantic rejections, my occasional regrettable casual sex, the stressful game that is dating: None of it felt serious anymore. Joe lives in L.

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