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Patient-Reported Outcomes Differ Between Chemo and Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer

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Breast or nipple pain Breast cancer can cause changes in skin cells that lead to feelings of pain, tenderness, and discomfort in the breast.

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Although breast cancer is often painless, it is important not to ignore any signs or symptoms that could be due to breast cancer. Some people may describe the pain as a burning bdeast. Nipple retraction or inversion Breast cancer can cause cell changes behind the nipple. These changes can result in the nipple inverting and reversing inward into the breast, or it may look different in terms of its size. The appearance of the nipples can often alter during ovulation or other parts of the menstrual cycle, but people should see a doctor about any new nipple changes.

Redness Breast cancer can cause changes to the skin that may make it appear discolored or even bruised. The skin may be red or purple or have a bluish tint. If a person has not experienced recent trauma to the breast to explain these changes, they should see their doctor. At 3 months, fatigue scores were significantly higher in patients who received chemotherapy 5.

Thereafter, up to 36 months, the fatigue score did not differ significantly. The analysis showed no significant interaction between menopausal status and treatment assignment. Subgroup analysis showed bresst significant association between menopausal status and treatment assignment. Postmenopausal patients assigned to chemoendocrine therapy had more endocrine symptoms over time, whereas premenopausal patients did not. If you have any signs or symptoms that worry you, be sure to see your doctor right away. What Is a Normal Breast? No breast is typical. What is normal for you may not be normal for another woman.

Most women say their breasts feel lumpy or uneven.

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The way your breasts look and feel can be affected by getting your period, having children, losing or gaining weight, and taking certain medications. Medications can help shut this gene down. Like genes, hormones may also speed up the growth of some types of breast cancers that have hormone receptors. If a cancer is estrogen receptor-positiveit responds to estrogen. If a cancer is progesterone receptor-positive, it responds to progesterone. If a cancer is hormone receptor-negative, it has no hormone receptors.

Depending on the type and stage of cancer, treatments can vary. However, there are some common practices doctors and specialists use to combat breast cancer: A lumpectomy is when your doctor removes the tumor while leaving your breast intact.

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