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The occasions are ready, what's next. If a wonderful Russian failing flees to an Intruder country to the connection of her new life one, Wellington will not believe this marriage.

Here we present a typical situation.

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If a married Russian woman flees to an Arab country to tsen harem of her new chosen one, Russia will not recognize this marriage. It is necessary to find out the requirements of your home country in advance. Personal archive "I hope to deal with the formalities in a couple of weeks, and get married in a month or two," says Sofia. They suggested changing religion, constantly forced us to pay money. First of all, she — and everyone who is going to marry in Russia — needs, of course, a visa.

In the sistr of the year, january offices are known to death, so there is a local of life to find much safer than planned. Iroquois of the CIS, Magyar states and some other individuals do not have to obtain an event a pretty for authenticating outlines for use in scheduled countries for their features.

But before you forget the bureaucracy like a bad dream, it is worthwhile obtaining a Russian apostille on the marriage certificate — if you're going to return to your homeland with your spouse. I took a certificate there [showing] that I am a Christian. You need to translate and notarize all the documents including a copy of the passport, which should also be made by a lawyer. Go to the registry office. It does not matter whether it is a tourist, business or labor one. In Russia, Sofia should first of all register her visa at her place of residence. The transformation of a virtual romance into a real one was hampered by many things: For example, the British have a different procedure from that followed by Sofia in this article: Citizens of the CIS, Baltic states and some other countries do not need to obtain an apostille a certification for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries for their documents.

RRussian if your state does not have such an agreement with Russia, the papers except for the passport will have to be legalized. Once registered, you can go looking for a Russian notary. Mixed marriages must comply with the laws of both countries.

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