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And, as it worked out, he was also the one looking all the simple workout. But that's something for another day. Given his heartfelt reunion, Yuffie had lost off somewhere to chuck Cid.

What Cloud would want with them, Leon wanted to find out.

Yuffie had even Yuffi adult to take a common of that day with her chest. Luke could still there connect the first virtual he and Injured met.

The more he saw how close this man was to his friends, the more out of place he felt. Leon was never, ever doing that again. He'd known Cloud for about three months now. Dinner had been extremely pleasant. Regardless of how much restoration work they'd done, Yuffie was still supposed to pull some weight around when they were just doing regular every-day things. He'd been walking from the Market Place with Yuffie, carrying groceries. As it so happened, Aerith thought this would be the perfect occasion and excuse, she still felt bad for not being able to make it up to Cid for finishing the town's defense system to bust out the booze.

It was still a wonder to him how the younger man was able to wield it so easily.

Yuffie had smugly told Leon that she'd sold off all the pictures. Once they were left to their own devices, Leon awkwardly lead the blonde man to Merlin's house, where the next person to rush out and greet them was none other than - surprise - Aerith. For once, Cid and Yuffie were not arguing over this and that, instead choosing to remind Cloud of some of his most embarassing moments. The rules had been simple enough - down a bunch of cream-topped shots of beer.

Alas, his hopes were dashed when it seemed that Yuffie instead was talking about something else, although just as humiliating. Fair Weather Leon was never, ever doing that again. Of course, they just didn't talk about Cloud. But we don't besides Square, anyway. No one else in the Committee had ever denied her claims, after all.

Blowjob Yuffie

Or perhaps inform him about the good news. Yuffie was just skipping happily along beside him, much to his dislike. Leon had probably been the worst of the bunch after they finished playing - he had been forced to strip all the way down to his boxers, much to the amusement of his friends.

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