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Then, there are those who are just enjoying being humiliated, being pissed on.

There, you can chat with other fans of this niche and exchange experiences. It is a hobby that few do but those who do are in love with it. If you take a look at any of these videos what you will notice is that the pee that the performers are pissing is clear. Even the actresses won't agree to get pissed on unless the piss is clear.

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Some are gettish yearning fettish be pissed on in this way but they are not telling the director that. The sites are all celebrating this category and we must say, they are doing a hell of a job with it. Fettisy water sports section is the one that we will be covering her and for those who are still not that acquainted with the material please, take an open stance about it since this is not something that you will be seeing in magazines and on TV. It is what it is, a fetish. It is all a part of this great taboo that is taking the definition of taboo to its maximum. The ones that we are presenting here are all premium content videos, so they are all made under professional circumstances.

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The warm water sliding down your body feels good as all of the filth that had gathered on your skin gets washed away. Everyone has a different take on why this works for them but what we do know is that the sites that we managed to gather are all top notch choices and they are all presenting the best of the best golden shower sites that are out there. This is why there are so many videos but who cares, the more the merrier.

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