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10 Extensions for Improved Parental Control in Chrome and Firefox

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However, due to the Blkck of support requests pertaining to forgotten passwords as well as other support costs that we incur, security features are now only available to registered users.

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With a few simple clicks, FoxFilter successfully blocks select content on the Web. Download Nanny for Google Chrome tinyFilter For a wondows method Bock blocking online content, look no further than tinyFilter, which blocks sites not by URL, but by keywords you specify when setting it up. As a courtesy, please give us a chance to answer your question, or offer assistance before reporting a bug. Do You Manage Multiple Computers? You can quickly and easily block content for an entire site e. You can edit the list and add your own keywords and Web sites.

Windows firefox Block porn

You'll rest easy when young users are online with the protection this freeware offers. It is very effective and flexible. And if you think your kids are too smart for blocking extensions, check out this software that also specializes in parental control — KIDZY. Specific Web sites can be added to the list with ease. We recommend this simple, effective plug-in for all users.

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