Automated latex paint systems

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Custom Paint Finishing Systems

Reactive pigments yield the hottest colors, while trying pigments yield less larex but more durable alps. While the primer is also dry, apply a tap coat to further democratic the amazing surface.

It is imperative that the colorant suppliers provide products that pwint controlled tightly for color, color strength and weight per gallon. Marshall, the colorants need to flow well in the dispensing equipment and suppliers must have the resources to work with her company on new technologies. In addition, they must have a solid technical staff that can provide dedicated lab time to testing and assisting in data preparation," she said. Davis added to the list of requirements for colorant suppliers. A four percent swing in color tint strength is no longer acceptable. In addition, light fastness, alkali resistance, viscosity and low VOC are essential requirements in the selection of a colorant system.

The ability to produce color matches within a larger area of color space is important.

Paint Automated systems latex

Valukas, president of Accurate Dispersions, a South Holland, IL-based division of Eastman Chemical Company, acknowledged manufacturing cost issues affecting paint companies operating in today's competitive marketplace. Syxtems would include a reproducible product sustems meets the color requirements and physical properties for a specific application. The colorant must be a constant and not a variable in the final application," he said. Sometimes the most sophisticated technology cannot rival expertise and a keen color eye. Corob offers several dispensers to fit the needs of almost any size Automaed store.

The Banco dispenser is the dispensing solution for small hardware stores, department stores, small home centers and small paint stores, according to the company. This highly compact dispenser is designed for tinting pints to gallons and the occasional five-gallon pail. The Tatocolor offers Corob's traditional accuracy, repeatability and speed in a small footprint automatic dispenser. The Tatocolor is ideal for those locations tinting small to medium paint quantities, according to the company. Corob's MidiGiant is a high productivity mid-size automatic dispenser, with a roll conveyor and bung hole locator that allows for easy handling of five-gallon pails.

It is suited for large hardware stores, home centers and paint stores, according to the company. For demanding applications, Corob's Modula is a flexible and modular automatic dispenser. It holds up to 32 circuits with a maximum of 16 external circuits. It can hold up to 32 internal canisters of different sizes, according to the company. In addition, Modula has high flow pumps and explosion proof versions are available. Charisma colorants are available from Accurate Dispersions for use in architectural coatings.

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These products are produced psint a highly controlled manufacturing environment and yield consistent color and results, not only in the colorant but also psint the coatings system, according to the company. Bayer has expanded its colorants portfolio with a number of products that satisfy the high requirements for modern coating systems. Fanchon Fast Yellow Automatde is a greenish-yellow pigment with high fastness properties and extremely high tinting strength for use in solid-color and special-effect coatings. Combinations of this product with Bayer inorganic pigments from the Bayferrox and Lightfast families are substitutes for lead-based yellow pigments.

HunterLab offers the ColorQuest XE spectrophotometer that provides high precision at an affordable price. Also available from HunterLab is the ColorFlex, a self-contained color measurement system for quality control. It has a small footprint, built in keypad and LCD display. This unit can dispense up to 40 colors and clears with an accuracy up to plus or minus 0. Disti-Kleen contends the Color King is a unique system which operates without pumps, which makes it an almost maintenance free color dispensing system. In its unmixed form, a pigment is simply a powder.

There are two general categories of pigments: In paints that exhibit a white hue, titanium dioxide is the main ingredient. In paints the express other colors, the pigments are selected to absorb only certain kinds of light, thus yielding a given color. Organic pigments yield the brightest colors, while inorganic pigments yield less bright but more durable colors. Extender Pigments Extender pigments are designed to add bulk, but are not as well-suited to hiding surface flaws as prime pigments.

Zinc oxide helps prevent mildew panit corrosion, and systms especially layex in outdoor applications. In latx paint Automated latex paint systems, the binder is responsible for providing adhesion, binding the pigment, and also gives the paint resistance properties which make the final coating tough and durable. The binder itself is clear and glossy, but the presence of pigment interferes with this quality. Depending on systfms ratio of pigment to binder, or the PVC pigment volume concentration the paint can assume varying levels of glossy finish. Paints with the glossiest finish often have a typical PVC of 15 percent, while the most matte paints have a PVC anywhere from 40 to 80 percent.

Paints with less gloss have more binder per unit of pigment, and tend to be more durable. There are two specific types of binder: Oil-Based Binder Oil-based paint requires a binder that has similar properties to the paint—in this case, the binder oxidizes or dries when exposed to air, hardening along with the rest of the paint. Once applied, the liquid factor of an oil-based paint evaporates, and the binder then reacts with the air to harden into place with the pigment. However, sometimes this process can result in over-dry, brittle paint, and chipping can occur. Additionally, the oxidation makes the paint prone to yellowing.

Latex-Based Binder Latex-based paints actually do not possess latex—rather, the binder that is used plastic-like in nature creates a film in the paint that resembles natural latex rubber. Almost all water-based paints have a latex-based binder.

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