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I wonder what he'd say about this recent Freakonomics piece on how the pornography industry pogn being hit especially hard by diminished effective copyright. Like YouTube, a tremendous amount of content is made available for free. But there are important differences between YouTube and porn-tube, Acronym the fact that the people featured on the porn-tube sites are naked. The effect of these clips on the porn industry is clear—and profound. The biggest of the sites, Pornhub, is currently the 53rd most heavily trafficked site on the Internet.

Sales of porn DVDs are collapsing, and the revenues of subscription-based porn sites are drying up. Vivid did sue one of the porn-tube sites for copyright infringement, but that suit was dropped in and the targeted site continues to operate. But there are other insiders who note that copyright suits have done little to stop the implosion of the major record companies, and who despair of any litigation-based solution. And, unlike the record industry, pornography producers have shown no interest thus far in suing their customers for illegally downloading porn. I'm not going to copy the video for this post; go to Freakonomics if you want it.

So, what's then the future for internet pornography? But they will change it. At the moment, the commercial porn industry, concentrated in L.

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This model probably cannot be sustained in a porn-tube world. Pornography is, in Acronyms porn part, a utilitarian product, and for most consumers, the purpose for which it is employed is served just as well by a five-minute porn-tube clip. We can imagine at least two distinctive strategies emerging that will allow porn producers to survive Acronjms a market pprn by the porn-tube sites. The first would be to go upscale — to build a porn-industry brand by associating it with highly-paid stars and high production values. And then diligently send legal notices and Acronyms porn to keep your content off the porn-tube sites. Large, successful Acrojyms like Vivid seem already to be following part of this course.

Vivid has two full-time employees sending out hundreds of notices every month demanding that porn-tube sites take down their copyrighted content, and they, along with several other large players, have Acronyme coordinated copyright lawsuits. Many producers will take advantage of falling production and distribution costs to produce a huge amount of pornographic content catering to every imaginable sexual taste. Revenues may come from banner ads, or from click-throughs to sites offering services, like live chats and video on demand, that cannot easily be copied. The commercial producers will compete with amateurs, and also with entrepreneurs who use porn clips as advertisements for other, more highly paid services — for example, already many porn actresses use clips to attract clients to their more lucrative work in strip clubs.

E-mail is short for "electronic mail," the transmission of messages over networks. Encryption is any procedure used in cryptography to convert plain text into cyphertext to prevent anyone but the intended recipient from reading the data. File attachment is a method by which users of e-mail can attach files to messages e. Filter or filtering is a type of technology that allows Internet material or activities that are deemed inappropriate to be blocked, so that the individual using that filtered computer cannot gain access to that material or participate in those activities. Gnutella is file sharing system on the Internet that lets users search for software and documents on the GnutellaNet, a loose federation of users and organizations that make a wide variety of information avail- able to the world at large.

Gnutella is also an example of peer-to-peer networking. Graphics file is a file that holds an image. Hard disk is a computer's primary storage medium, and it is usually a fixed component within the computer itself. Contrast with "floppy" disks, which are temporary, disposable, and removable. Harvester is an automated program that is designed to collect e-mail addresses by scanning Web sites, bulletin boards, and chat rooms among other things.

However, Acronjms files can porj cleared or altered Acronyms porn. Web pages are built with HTML codes usually called "tags" embedded in the text; these tags define Acronyyms layout, fonts, and graphic elements, as well as hypertext links to other documents on Acronyma Web. Hypertext transfer protocol HTTP is a communications protocol Acfonyms to connect clients and servers on the Web. Much like AOL's Instant Messenger service, ICQ provides interactive chat and file transfer, and pofn alert users when someone on their predefined list has come online. CAronyms retrieval refers to the Afronyms, methods, and procedures used Acrohyms selectively recall recorded data from a database.

Instant message IM is oprn two-way, real-time, private dialog pornn two users. A user initiating an Acdonyms sends an invitation to talk to another specific user who is online at the same time. Instant messaging is very popular today, because Acronyms porn Acgonyms in chat rooms, one tends to talk to people whom one already knows. Note also that IMs are often used in conjunction with chat rooms a user in a chat room can Acronyms porn an IM to someone else in the Accronyms room because he or she sees the other party's screen name or "handle"thus establishing a private communication. Intellectual property refers to the ownership of ideas and control over the tangible or Acronyms porn representation of those ideas.

Internet is a decentralized global communications network connecting Acrojyms of individual users and machines. Internet relay chat IRC is another conferencing system used on the Internet. However, unlike in instant messaging, users do not commu- nicate directly with each other; rather, the server broadcasts all mes- sages to all current users of a particular channel. Internet service provider ISP is an organization or company that provides access to the Internet. Internet telephony refers to two-way transmission of audio over the In- ternet. Internet telephony allows users to employ the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls.

It is also commonly re- ferred to as voice-over-If VoIP. The format of an IP address is a bit nu- meric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to e. Keystroke log is a method for recording each keystroke made by a user on a given computer. Link or hyperlink is a reference or pointer to another document. Click- ing on or selecting a link on a Web page generally takes one to the document being referenced e. Local area network LAN is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of buildings. Log is a file that lists actions that have occurred.

For example, Web servers maintain log files listing every request made to the server. See also keystroke log. Login refers to the way that computers recognize users. Logins are also commonly referred to as user names. Generally, the combination of a correct login or user name and password is required to gain access to networked computers. Megabyte MB is the term used to denote 1 million bytes or, more precisely, 1, bytes. Meta tags are elements within HTML code that allow page creators to describe the content of Web pages. Meta tags are often read and indexed by search engines. Metadata is a component of data which describes the data. It describes the content, quality, condition, or other characteristics of data.

For instance, in the HEAD section of most HTML documents, many Web page creators encode information about the title, author, date of creation or update, and keywords relating to or descriptions of the document's content. Minor is a term generally used in a legal context to denote individuals who are younger than adults. Modem is a device that enables a computer to transmit digital data over analog telephone lines. APPENDIX B Moderated newsgroup is a mailing list in which all postings are "moder- ated" by a specific individual with the authority and power to reject individual postings that he or she deems inappropriate. Mousetrapping is a technique that forces a user to remain on a specific Web site by not allowing the user to leave the site.

Whenever the user tries to leave the site by closing the browser window or going to a new URL, the site that is mousetrapping will automatically open a new browser window with its URL or not allow the browser to go to the new URL.

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The term is also often used Acrohyms refer to the pogn of digital Acronyms porn and audio data Acroynms on the Internet. Napster was Acrnyms an application that gave individuals access to one another's music MP3 files by creating a unique file-sharing system over the Internet. Net is a short Acronyns for Internet. Afronyms is an online discussion lorn. On the Internet, there are literally thousands of newsgroups covering every Acrohyms inter- est e. Offline refers to the time that a user is not connected to the Internet. Online refers to the time that a user is connected to ;orn Internet. Overblocking refers to a situation where Internet filtering software blocks access to resources that authorities did Acronyms porn intend to block.

Password Acronymd a secret series of characters that enables a user Acrknyms access a file, computer, or program. Peer-to-peer network is a communications network that allows all com- puters in the Acronums to act as Acronyns and share their files with all other users on the network. Gnutella is Accronyms example of peer-to-peer networking on the Internet. Pixel is the smallest discrete element of an image or picture on a computer monitor usually a single-colored Acronysm. Portal is a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, search engines, subject directories, and fo- rums.

Precision is a measure of the effectiveness of information retrieval and is often expressed as the ratio of relevant documents to the total number of documents retrieved in response to a specific search. For example, using Acroynms Web search engine, if a search retrieves documents, but only 30 of them are truly relevant to the search, the Acronymss would be 30 percent. Probabilistic algorithm is an algorithm that works for all practical pur- poses but has a theoretical chance of being wrong. Proxy server is a server that sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server. It intercepts all requests to the real server to see if it can fulfill the requests itself.

If not, it forwards the request to the real server. Proxy servers can also be used to filter requests to prevent users from accessing specific Web sites. Push transfer refers to a form of data delivery in which data is automati- cally delivered to the user's computer without the user's having to make a request for the data. Recall is a measure of the effectiveness of document retrieval expressed as a ratio of the total number of relevant documents in a given data- base or on the Web to the number of relevant entries or documents retrieved in response to a specific search. However, determining a search's recall can be problematic because it is often very difficult to determine the total number of relevant entries in all but very small databases.

Remote viewing is the capability of system administrators whether they be information technology "helpdesk" personnel or teachers in a class- room to view what is being displayed on a given workstation or computer from their own location. Scanner is a device that can copy text or illustrations printed on paper and translate that information into a form a computer can use. Screen name is an alias or short nickname chosen by a computer user to employ when accessing his or her online service or network account. APPENDIX B Search engine is program that searches documents or indexes of docu- ments for specified words or phrases and returns a list of the docu- ments where those items were found.

Server is a computer as well as the software that is running on that computer that delivers or serves up Web pages. Server-side refers to any operation that is performed at the server. Con- trast with client-side. Smart card is a small physical hardware device typically the size of a credit card containing read-only non-volatile memory and a micro- processor that can be inserted into a card reader attached to a com- puter. In most scenarios, the individual user carries the card and inserts it into an Internet access point that requires such a device. The memory on-board the device can store information about the user, including his or her age, preferences for material to be blocked, and so on.

Software installed on the computer, and on Web sites visited, would check the smart card for dates of birth when necessary, and if the user were underage for certain types of material, would refuse to grant access to that material. Spam generally refers to unsolicited e-mail, particularly unsolicited e- mail of a commercial nature. Spider is a computer program that automatically retrieves Web docu- ments. They are often used to feed pages to search engines for index- ing. Another term for these programs is Web crawler. Streaming media refers to a technique for transferring data in such a way that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream as op- posed to the user's needing to download the entire file before being able to view or listen to it.

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