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Boy Scout Uniform

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The vast majority of "square knot" insignia represents one instance of an individual's recognition. There are a few awards which may unifork earned Adult scout uniform received multiple times such as the Scouters' Training Award, adult religious service awards, youth religious awards, unifrom. Small metal pin-on devices may be worn to show the membership division or the level at which an award was presented if earned more than once. The devices are designed to be worn on the umiform ribbon if the award has a ribbon as well as on the cloth square knot insignia. Multiple devices may be worn if the award was earned at multiple levels. Adult Eagle Scouts who met additional requirements toward a Palm to the Eagle Scout Award, may wear the highest combination of Palms earned on either the regular Eagle Scout square knot emblem or a special square knot emblem signifying their life membership as a part of the National Eagle Scout Association.

This display is to not exceed six Silver Palms and a Gold Palm representing merit badges earned over the 21 required to earn the Eagle Scout rank. No more than seven devices may be placed on any one square knot emblem. Introduced on August 15,to have a more outdoors-activity oriented appearance, the Centennial Scout Uniform transitionally replaced the previous version designed by Oscar de la Renta. The uniform "transitional" status ended in Except as clearance items however, Council and BSA stores will no longer sell the de la Renta uniform. There were two versions of the Centennial shirt. The first version was a khaki officially referred by BSA as tan button-front shirt with collar, bellowed pockets on the chest and featured a special technology pocket on the left shoulder.

Adult scout uniform This was designed to allow Scouts and Scouters to place their personal cell phone or media player in that pocket. A hole at the bottom of the pocket allowed an earpiece to be to connected to the item. Many Scouters referred to the pocket as the "cigarette pocket" for its size and lack of real usability. The BSA redesigned the shirt, removing the pocket. The current version of the Centennial shirt is a khaki officially referred by Adult scout uniform as tan button-front shirt with collar, bellowed pockets on the chest and closed with hook-and-loop closures, and shoulder epaulets with shoulder loops in the color of the individual's registration see above.

All adults and youth males wear forest green or khaki convertible or Switchback zip-off cargo pants, which easily convert to knee-length cargo shorts with the pull of a zipper. Socks, worn with the uniform, are also forest green and have a black "B. Army's baseball-style fatigue hat worn during the Vietnam War-erais also in forest green with the B. As with the older Oscar de la Renta-designed uniform of —, Boy Scout Troops and Varsity Scout Teams vote to select uniform options for the belt, hat, and neckwear. In place of either the new "Centennial" or older "de la Renta" baseball caps, units may choose to wear various headgear options: The beret and garrison cap are now rarely seen as neither hat has been manufactured for more than 20 years.

Neckwear on both uniforms includes the neckerchief and the bolo tie as selected by the unit. A variety of official neckerchiefs are available or the troop can create their own design. Many troops now opt not to wear neckwear. Special neckerchiefs such as Eagle Scout or Wood Badge are generally worn on formal occasions. Older, all-olive green uniforms from the s and earlier may still be worn by Scouters who possess them, although parts may not be worn interchangeably with the current Centennial Scout Uniform or the de la Renta-designed uniforms. They are prized by Scouting memorabilia collectors from around the country. The basic Cub Scout uniform consists of a navy blue shirt, navy blue pants, shorts or Switchbacks, navy blue socks with gold tops for Cub Scouts or orange tops for Tiger Cubs, a navy blue web belt with brass buckle with Cub Scout logo, a neckerchief with slideand a navy blue cap with a colored panel.

The shirt has buttons, a pointed collar, two front button-flap pockets, and short or long sleeves. The insignia on the cap, neckerchief, neckerchief slide and belt buckle vary by section: The Cub Scout uniform originally was deliberately designed to emulate the uniform colors and design of the United States Cavalry of the s. Cub Scouter uniform for females[ edit ] Female leaders in Cub Scouting have the option of wearing the classic yellow blouse with navy blue pants, shorts, skirt or culottes instead of the Scouts BSA tan uniform.

The yellow blouse, though, is less common since it has been discontinued for years. Venturing uniform[ edit ] Each Venturing crew votes on the desired uniform; they may use either the official Venturing uniform or may develop their own. Other than emblems, crew developed uniforms may not use elements of other BSA uniforms and must meet other uniform standards, such as not resembling military uniforms. Venturers may not wear the Boy Scout uniform. Original hats were the gray baseball cap or the gray bushman hat with snap-up brim, both with Venturing logos.

These were replaced by the Venturing ultra-shield uniform cap in gray with a removable fabric shield. Venturers may develop a unique crew emblem that, with approval from the Scout executive, may be worn on the right sleeve of the uniform.

The first reputation was a month ago referred by BSA as tan hard-front shirt with belly, bellowed pockets on the history and featured a very technology pocket on the easy shoulder. Cub Choices, Scouts, or Day Scouts. Any validation you are confidential about wonderful regulations, ask the den bosch for activism.

Venturers who earned rank as a Venturer wear this rank emblem centered on the left pocket. The Sea Scout white cap with logo and the activity shirt are now available for wear. When worn, the male dress blue jumper is worn with the center piping removed from the tar flap collar and cuffs and Sea Scout First Class Anchor Adult scout uniform sewn-on over the existing 5-point collar stars. Scouter dress uniform[ edit ] The Scouter dress uniform is appropriate for professional Scouters and all Scouting leaders on formal occasions. The current version consists of a dark-blue, two-button blazer with white shirt or blouse and heather gray trousers, slacks or a skirt.

The blazer's gold-plated buttons bear the universal emblem and an embroidered Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing emblem is worn on the left pocket or lapel. A black leather belt with gold buckle is to be worn with trousers or slacks. Silk neckties with red, gold, and navy stripes are available for men and women. Black dress shoes and black socks or stockings are worn with the dress uniform. Older versions of neckwear representing Cub Scouting gold and blue striped necktieBoy Scouting silver and red striped necktieExploring blue and red striped necktieor all programs silver, red and blue striped necktie may also be worn with this uniform. A small lapel pin representing an adult recognition may be worn on the left lapel; a small lapel pin representing Wood Badge or the Sea Badge may be worn on the right lapel.

During formal events or recognition ceremonies, up to five pendant-type awards may be suspended from the neck by the individual. Wood Badge training hat and neckerchief Wood Badge beads, neckerchief and woggle During the Wood Badge course Scouters, both staff and participants, wear the uniform of their unit and membership division; this is a change from the older custom where the uniform was worn without insignia other than the council shoulder patch and the Troop 1 numeral. The uniform is worn with the Wood Badge training hat, the neckerchief and with a woggle made during the opening sessions of the course.

You can order it from the Interamerican Scout Office: This is very necessary but not sufficient. The Group leader should firstly be an educator, able to support the unit leaders in assessing the needs of children and young people and identifying relevant activities to meet these needs. When a local Group works in this way, there is no problem to involve the parents. They discover that the Group is led by a real educational team with clear educational objectives and they are motivated to give support on practical matters equipment, money, etc. This committee can meet every two months, for example, to discuss all the problems faced by the Group.

However, a smaller educational team involving the unit leaders and the Group leader is necessary to examine educational problems more closely. Q — Over the past years I have been associated with Scouts, I feel that as a leader, one is put under a great deal of pressure. With all the regulations, legislation, political correctness etc. It is no wonder that Leaders leave when they are continually on their guard and trying to do the right thing. One must remember that we are ordinary citizens, and in some cases family parents.

We have enough to worry about just being parents without having extra problems thrusted upon us. During my training nothing dcout said about political correctness, or reporting child abuse etc. Adult scout uniform far does a volunteer leader go in this regard? Talk about frustration A -You are not asking a question, you are giving a testimony and I share your point of view. What would an educational movement such as Scouting be without educators? All unifirm other positions in Scouting should support unit leaders and facilitate their role. Unfortunately, people think too naturally that to be a district commissioner or a trainer, or a member of the national board is more important than being a modest local leader, and sometimes they just forget them.

Scouting would not exist without unit leaders and the quality of a National Scout Organization depends upon the quality of the unit leaders it is able to recruit and keep. This is why most of the efforts of district and national leaders should be aimed at valuing and facilitating the role of adult unit leaders in order to be able to attract and keep first class people mature, committed, efficient, etc. Unfortunately, in some associations, practice is very different. Unit leaders receive weak support and have to solve a number of problems by themselves while being put under high pressure from more and more regulations.

Scout uniform Adult

Furthermore, every time a leader is successful at the unit level, he is often proposed another position at district or county levels. In many Scout associations, decision makers should be more aware of this situation. They should consider that the only way to increase the quality of the programme is to keep good leaders in their position for a longer time. That saves a lot of resources in terms of recruitment and training. By giving good and experienced leaders opportunities for sharing their experiences and their good practices, it will also be possible to improve the quality of the Scout programme. Adults, men and women, who commit themselves as Scout unit leaders should be recognised and praised by the community.

This is why I have decided to recommend to the World Scout Bureau to create on this website a special page for Unit Scout leaders in order for them to express their concerns, share their experience and receive more support. Q — What happens if in our section Rovers there is only one leader. Is it possible to use the program correctly? A — If there is only one leader in your Rover unit, this is certainly not a reason to close the unit!

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