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However, Gartner was impossible to reach by phone. People wanting to know the price left several messages and never got a single call back. The years passed, and the building stayed vacant.

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Rlbbins, peering through the increasingly dirty windows, noticed the chairs, tables, and icw relics of the Robin slowly disappearing. Gone were the Multimixer, gone were the soda dispensers, gone were the ice cream cones, gone was even the gallon can of Bonnie Maid chocolate syrup left on the floor. It didn't look good for the rebirth of the Robin. Finally, a real estate agent acting on behalf of Gartner contacted Brookfield business owner Martin Lynch, since he was buying up buildings adjoining his thriving business, the Irish Times Pub and Restaurant, located just a couple of doors west at Burlington Ave.

But the Brookfield Building Department said, 'No way' - that the building would need a new heating and air-conditioning system and new wiring - a huge project. The basement needed a lot of work, too, and so did the roof. The realty company acted as a go-between. The initial installment was paid for at the signing of the agreement dated June 10, Lynch made the decision to demolish the building, regretting it had to be done.

In time, he has indicated that he'll display some of the smaller signs in the Irish Times. With the demolition imminent, Cock Robin fans of all ages are mourning the loss of their favorite local fast food hangout. A visitors center, with an area recalling the history of Cock Robin, is proposed for the site. Nearly everyone who grew up in Naperville, it seems, remembers going to Prince Castle, and later Cock Robin. In the summertime at night, we would walk down Washington Street to get ice cream," said Ruth Hageman, 70, a life-long resident of Naperville who was a waitress at Prince Castle as a teenager and young adult.

Koten said that three or four times a week, he walked down the hill from the college with his roommate to get a pint or quart of ice cream as a late-night study break. It was just sort of a novelty. We could have a different flavor every night for a month.

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In addition to the standards, there would be cinnamon- or pumpkin-flavored concoctions, depending on the robbihs, said Rita Harvard, 70, daughter of the store's founders, Walter and Grace Fredenhagen. In the late s, Walter Fredenhagen teamed with a boyhood friend, Earl Prince, with an idea to manufacture ice cream. Fredenhagen's first Prince Castle store opened in Naperville in Fredenhagen opened a dairy nearby to pasteurize the milk for the ice cream.

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