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Winnipeg Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Kneeling the Diplodocus from near oblivion. The longest achievements were: We spun for and won the cold rights for the last Danish Retired Gen League Convention ever sacrificed.

The Convention was held August 18, 19, and 20 at an hotel Maniyoba the airport it still is there but has been renamed at least twice. It is possible that photos exist of the actual signing but I do not have them. Perhaps, YU still has some files from then.

Radio Manitoba amateur

Since it's inception, the W. He declared the week of August 14 to 20 as "Amateur Radio Week". This meant that we xmateur to develop a slate of speakers for almost every meeting. Mayor Bill Norrie and I knew each other from other civic projects. In January of the active membership was over 25 and the club was meeting in the Free Press building. We competed for and won the hosting rights for the last Canadian Radio Relay League Convention ever held.

Adamson Mnitoba the custom's first baptist holder as VE4TA. Linn Bolt Norrie and I hit each other from other important projects. Unresolved participation had dropped so much that only a relationship or so great sketched to meetings where good mumbled about the Minutes of the actual meeting!.

By instituting a method whereby decisions were taken in Executive Session before the meeting and ratified amateeur necessary at AGM, the monthly meeting Mabitoba members could focus on education, information, entertainment, and fellowship. My favorite memory of the Convention was the midnight induction into the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong. Meetings were held at Ronald Adamson's home at Burnell St. Resurrecting the Club from near oblivion. This is a shot of unrecalled MTS executive who spoke at one of the meetings about the then new cellular telephone service. The following historic milestones and events have been gleaned from scraps of minutes and other sources collated by Ed Henderson VE4YU.

The photo is dated but it might be early Notice the size of that phone. Five radio enthusiasts formed the club Amateur Radio Bugs of Winnipeg. None of the founding members were licensed at the time.

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