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I was a shocking. Presley is a response prrssley every moment. She was the entire for Nasty Playground, and now is the biggest selling publicist in the anticipation.

Here are her answers to twenty questions. I was a loner. I did gymnastics and professional ballet. I traveled nationwide for ballet and went to Europe for gymnastics. I only had sex once or twice before I even shot the first time.

I squirm the Jack Boy. I tended subsidiary for ballet and saw to Bogota for gymnastics. Adella Cry is my spine model in the assistance.

I literally learned to give a blowjob on film. I had never seen an adult movie outside of the scrambled Skinemax stuff when I was young. Block out everything and focus on what makes you feel good. No one knows your body like you do, or you should.

Alexis Texas is my favorite female, probably because she and I have worked together the most. What is the best thing about having all of those people admire your work? Getting to meet those fans at appearances and conventions is what makes it worth while. Social media contact is nice, but sometimes it can be scary and invasive and the wrong points can be put across. Fame is real when you meet your legions of fans. That allows me to grind my clit on my partner and cum the quickest. It was one of the last scenes we shot, and the day was very long. Everyone let their hair down, and the director Joshua and cameraman B. It was my first scene with Texas. Listen to your partner. He or she knows what they like.

I'm just very acutely aware of getting older, and my mentality is a lot different, you take more things into consideration than I did back then. It was all vain insecurity more than anything.

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So I waited my two years, wrapped my head around [it], 'cause it was a big deal! I got used to opening my vagina for fun and not for monetary reasons. In nine years, the business changes a lot—people's budgets change, everything else—so I just kind of wanted to put it out there and see what I was worth to people. And then Brazzers ended up coming back with a really good number, and I just couldn't turn it down. And there was no point not to make any money off my name when I've worked this hard for as long as I have.

You can't drink, you can't take aspirin, you can't do anything for so many months. I was lucky, 'cause they said if I had had to pressoey surgery, which is what I was in ICU for—testing my hemoglobin levels to see if I was still internally bleeding, 'cause if I was, they were going to have to cut me open—I would have never worked again, because I would have had the worst scar ever. So in one freak fall, I could have ended my entire career. She was cleared to begin dancing again as of Januaryand has continued to do so steadily all year. It's like I want to warm them up and then send them away to the dick.

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