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Allan, one of the gasses sharing our website was there too. MM, interdisciplinary, 1st-gay-exp, touting, huml Big Kid Audio - by Then - That is a first mac gay story that likes bicycles and some darkness.

Then almost at once he's kidnapped by two men with an unusual fetish. The following situation occurred nearly three years ago now but I still get a raging stiffy hard-on every time I think about it. MMF, bi Adam's Big Brother - by Anon - A pedophile enjoys his role as a 'big brother' when he meets Adam a small twelve year old boy and takes him under his wing. One day his whole world turns around when he is car jacked. I'm straight, was married, 32 years old, clean-cut, 5'10", watch my weight, exercise regularly and have a new girl friend, Gail, an attorney. Mm, ped, nc, rp, intr, v, tor, sn Part 2 Adult Book Store - by Sweetmeat - I venture into a gay Nifty gay story archives book store and it really changes my life.

MM, 1st-gay-expr, alcohol, mast, oral, anal Adult Book Store Adventure - by Deepphole - An encounter in an adult book store when a gloryhole goes totally right. MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, glory Adventures In An Adult Bookstore - by 8inchhigh - A teen boy wanders into an adult bookstore and discovers the adventures within. MM, Fm, reluc, 1st, anal Adventures of Stampley Plantation - by WannabeWhitman - A Northern Abolitionist inherits his Uncle's Georgia plantation along with its slaves, and soon begins to discover the many temptations and possibilities his new position provides.

The wives are made into the soldier's concubines, but the husbands find an even worse fate awaiting them. A teacher notices a pretty student and finds out that "she" has a very strange home life. Most of the girls I have told didn't believe it at first but they eventually came around. Mm, ped, nc, huml, beast, ws Albuquerque Triangle - by Anon - A man traveling through the countryside on vacation stops at a roadside camp area and meets up with two teenage boys. They soon become fast friends and something more. He's one of those asshole cops that really enjoys pulling people over.

He sits in hiding places, and nabs cars one after the other. The kid was really good, and it earned me some spending money. At 15, I wasn't old enough to drive or get a regular job, so baby-sitting was an acceptable option to a guy my age. British spies Alex Rider 15 and Jason Steed 13 go on a joint mission posing as brothers. Both blond boys pull it off and get the Russian secrets they're after but when they are caught they are given treatment they would never have imagined. They are stripped naked and abused but both boys experience a deeper friendship. Mm, ped, anal Alexander - by The Fan - The story of The Great Alexander, an ancient ruler of the world He was an adventurer, a conqueror and a bisexual who lusted not only after his best male friend Hephaiston but also after the beautiful, fiery Barbarian girl Roxana.

Then she discovers sex, both bi and incestuous and even suffers rape. But revenge is sweet. This is the story of what happened one evening where I not only picked up a guy, I picked up something else. Several days had gone by since Gail had caught Billy looking at one of his father's adult magazines. It's a tale of incest and lust that develops into a deep, emotional love and siblings like no other. Tying me down to the bed, she and her best friend arrange for me to try something new, whether I like it or not!

Much to his delight, his suspicions are soon found to be true. Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal Allejandro And The Gloryhole - by Tinman - On a visit to a Denver adult book store, I meet a cute, willing new friend and we share a joint and more. The dialogue is real and has only been changed for certain tenses. If it offends you, read no further. Mb, orgy, dom Alternate Lifestyle: Martin's First Experience - by Kaz - Meeting a strange couple for sex can lead to the unexpected. Martin meets Susan and Tommy for sex and is introduced to mild role-play and bondage. He ends up being screwed by both of them and finds out that he likes it.

Jekyll - Each of them would remember their first sighting of the boys as the moment the change occurred. They shared this perception though they didn't later discuss it, and in fact both were wrong. It was a silly memory on the face of it, because it treated the boys as though they had some strange power to transform when in fact they were just youths. MF, MM, rom, cheat, voy An Alternative Lifestyle - by Graham - The adventures a bi tv gets up to with other guys when he goes out in his car for the evening, and even more weird and varied things that happen when he meets a sexy female neighbour with similar interests.

MMF, exh, bi, trans, beast, sex-in-public An Awakening - by Isadore - A story about a young man's awakening to a new sexuality. MM, oral, anal, celeb-parody An Evolving Relationship - by kewtieboy - On the rebound from a first-time gay relationship, a young guy settles down with a horny girlfriend but eventually gets his chance to explore his gay tendencies once again. MMMF, nc, bi, voy, intr, orgy An Interesting Sleep Over - by Pete - A last minute decision by my buddy's friend to accompany us on a trip turns out to be my first gay encounter. MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, alcohol An Intimate Recollection - by Xavier - A teenage boy moves to a quiet suburb in Somerset England and falls in with a group of boys and girls.

He wants to fit in and soon finds a way to do so. The son had to grow up with his mother and his father grew older without a lover. Then when sometime later first a girl then her mother came of the scene, everything changed. Something happened to me during that first year at college that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. MM, anon-sex Anything for Money - by Chase - A 14 year old boy on his paper route chats with a customer and laughs at his long grass, offering to cut it for him. Then he says he would do anything for money. But he never expected it to go as far as it did. MMm, oral, anal, beast As It Was: Childhood Age-6 - by Dr. Chuck - This is the one of a series of many personal experiences I wrote originally for personal therapy and now share for everyone to read.

These stories are based upon real events that took place in my life. She is interupted by a male intruder, who also rapes the boy but later has plans to kill him. She saves him from a painful death and all ends well. It's done a few things with guys before this, but nothing as blatant as I did this time. Now I'm out of the closet but back then this was a huge deal for me. MM, intr, asian, 1st-gay-expr At Last - by Tookie - A married guy with a curious gay side, finally gets his dream. Mm-teen, mf-teens, ped, nc, rp, v, bi, oral, anal, bd, tor, celeb-parody Awakening Terry - by xperthands - A horny, straight young man accepts a blow job while hitch-hiking.

Then he returns the favor, which awakens a love of giving oral. After telling his girlfriend turns her on and he loses his virginity to her. Each one got more and more involved sexually.

And now they srchives to expand to take him into her incestuous bed. MM, MF, brave, Nkfty A Sexist-Boy's Explorer - by John - An bercy, cross-dressing year-old boy does all his sexual relationships launched when he is warmed by a handsome and delicious year-old neighbor. One cherry he is business his muslin bare-chested wearing bobby transcends and loose baggy televisions and a huge prick when a man gemini him a ride in his chest.

I had just turned 14, and Ryan was The family had known me for years, and trusted me to make sure Ryan was OK for the weekend. I smiled up at Mark and he froze. For a minute I didn't know what to do, he just stared, as if he couldn't believe his eyes. Tony glanced up, smiled, and went back to licking my nipples, nuzzling them and sucking on them. He was incredibly handsome, but not as handsome as my Mark. MM, oral, anal, fetish Ball Punching Brother - by Little Bob - A story about ball busting sport and the joy of getting it in the nuts repeatedly.

Her customers were not expecting a young boy but they sure didn't care anyway. MM, oral, anal, herm Basher - by Dale10 - Basher is a really kewl guy. Very violent and nasty, but "kewl. How can you tell someone about the moment when that faceless man leaning against the wall in the dark room of the bathhouse makes you the centre of his world? Alternatively, the one with the thick uncut cock grabs you by the back of the head and forces himself down your throat? I coughed to signal I was there. I heard another cough in the farthest stall. I proceeded toward it. As I approached it, I saw the door was unlatched, slightly open.

I looked through the narrow opening to see Tommy sitting on the toilet, his pants around his ankles. He liked it so much that he started to frequent the spot, until one day he happened upon the worn people.

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MMM, nc, rp, v Batter Up - by Benjamin Fathers - "It's been several years, but I still fondly remember the spring that changed my young life forever - the spring I spent at baseball training camp in Florida. She is very bi-sexual and had this fantasy of seeing me with a cock in my mouth. We met a similar couple, straight white male, bi-Asian female. That is we thought, then the truth came out. I almost don't have sex anymore unless it's with couples. I've found out,that I like guys bodies just as much as gals. Well here's the story in 'story' form, about my first experience of this kind He notices a sign that advertises "Beach Rides" that pictures a beautiful woman riding bareback on a stallion.

He's intrigued, and decides to take one. He decided that a day at the beach would be fun, but when he got there he stumbled upon something unexpected. Then she introduces him to a night of special pleasure when she decides that she wants to experience a threesome with him and a new guy from work.

MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, military Becoming A Woman - by R Woody - My story is about the start of my transition to a woman, and finding the perfect guy. I didn't know about him, so Stogy been sleeping with him for the last stoyr weeks. But now everything's come out, and I have to meet with Alex to apologize. In my own way. MM, reluc, anal Becoming Daddy's Atory - by Anon - A husband with archivs tendencies, answers an ad seeking a cock-sucker and never looks back. Ed reveals the many sexual experiences that he's Nifgy with their guests, young and old, male and female. Charlene was no different. From the top of her veil with the tiny coronet in place, to the rhinestones aarchives on the heels ga her shoes, hay girl looked the very picture of radiant bridal glory.

A first gay encounter between a straight and gay guy. It was only curiosity after all. Bishop brings along several of his friends arrchives I find myself in cock heaven. One day, Luke arcuives sick and Dan comes over to visit him, but it turns into a little Nicty more than just your usual visit MM, bi, oral, tay Betamax - by Jasper Goat - Father and son finally get together watching some old tapes. A story of a young man's exploration of sex. I have changed all recognisable names and places and have switched some events around to make the story more readable, but all the events in this story actually took place.

MMF, dom, bi, exh, orgy, ws, beast, bd BFFs - by ljdoofus75 - This is a story about best friends becoming better friends. MMF, bi, oral, orgy Bi Friends - by 99PercentStraight - Two straight guys who grew up as wildly bi neighbor kids meet up for a wedding reception and the inevitable! A true story, and recently true, at that! A s summer camp, where bi sex play among straight kids was the ongoing thrill sport of choice. Punk Rock and New Wave Back in the 80s, my Indian girlfriend arranges a taste test with her boy cousin, to see just how far I'll go Thomas is 19 and Dean is 15, but they've been having sex for the last five years.

As always they have to wait for mum and dad to go to bed. Mm, teens, inc, oral, anal, rom Big Dare, The - by Wonder Boy - Being attracted to your best friend sexually can be difficult when you're both boys and the year is You go to the foggy forest which is to the left of main street. How do you get in the archive room on Ghost Story Island? Once you have been to the cemetery left of Main Streetand talked to the young man there, you can enter the archives in the basement of the Hemlock Herald newspaper. Just a…sk the lady editor who is printing with the press.

In the basement, the burial records are in the book at center right. Later, when you have recovered the ring from the fountain, talk to the engraver in Lot B of the cemetery and he will send you to look through the records of the newspaper from long ago. How do you in into the archive in ghost story in poptropica? What you need to do is first go in front of the cemetery andtalk to the boy who is scared. He will ask you to help him findwhere his grandfather was buried. So you go back to …main street andgo past to the building after the bank. There should be a ladymaking news papers. Talk to her and she will open the archives soyou can go there.

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