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Here's what The Queen thought of The Crown's portrayal of Prince Philip

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Well, then, you are in luck because this episode takes a long hard look at the inner workings of ctown Prince Charles and his Dick crown Philip — both as an adult and as a child. Over my dead body, Philip more or less says, in the kind of way that makes it clear there is no wiggle room. As usual, the rich have very interesting logic when it comes to right and wrong and individual choices. Thank you, The Crown! He tells Philip the world needs saviors. Philip fights one of them and gets tossed out the window. The posh clothes make Charles stand just a little bit taller. The queen is told that other boys that age can be cruel.

Crown Dick

Seems like we know who the real mollycoddled namby-pamby was, no? She then has to go back because the Nazis are partying. The best sister ever. Philip comes bounding up the palace steps in good, long, athletic strides, a trophy cup in his hand.

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