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Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 27, No. 1

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Bellow's Africa, of course, is not Ofote, not Fanon's. Not only is the work of art uniquely identified with a single individual, boobs, if we look closely, it is frequently the case that, from that individual's perspective, the work of art is in itself unique, and perplexing in terms of its origins. In this era of satellites and supersonic jets, of the ubiquitous McDonald's and pervasive Panasonic? Adventurers have adduced rage, boredom, loss, maladaptation, whim, curiosity, Suzanne foote boobs, fame, the need to experience extremity and intensify existence, the lure of things difficult and strange, the urge to confront death and master, if only for an instant, their own fate.

Eshleman has a nose for smelling out what was going to happen next in the ceaseless evolution of the living art. But perhaps, too, we choose autobiography because it expresses all the ambiguities of our postmodern culture. Moreover, "European culture gained in strength and identity by setting itself off against the Orient as a sort of surrogate and even underground self;" and it universalized the claims of its history as the only World History. Oh, I am glad. Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, even, to a less obsessive degree, Thomas Mann, Willa Cather, Katherine Anne Porter - all were writers of genius whose imaginations were not constrained but positively energized in Strindberg's case one might say "demonized" by specific events in their lives.

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What induced those Suzzanne in the first place, the urge for adventure and quest? In quest or adventure, the self opens, becoming everything that it is not, opens for an instant to the light. Hawkes was told a lively bit of gossip about a middle-aged man who went one day to pick up his young daughter at a school in Nice, only to discover accidentally from one of the child's classmates that the daughter was an active prostitute, already gone that day from the playground to a sexual assignation.

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