Breast feel heavy and sore

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My Breast is Tender, But I Don't Feel a Lump – Am I Normal?

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Tips to reduce breast soreness These fee, take a few weeks to work: It is important to talk anr your doctor if you are regularly taking medicines for pain relief. If you are taking prescription medicines, it is also aand discussing with your doctor whether any of these might be causing the soreness. All women need to be alert to any changes in their breasts that are not normal for them. If you have any change in your breast that is different to your normal hormonal changes, you should have it checked by your General Practitioner GP. Feelings For many women, breast soreness is upsetting. It can bring up many different feelings and worries. Most of the time, women feel relieved to know that breast soreness is a common condition that is not harmful or dangerous.

Bromocriptine Approved for treating certain breast conditions. Tamoxifen Approved for breast cancer treatment. Tamoxifen is also prescribed off-label for mastalgia. Goserelin Also approved for breast cancer therapy and used as an off-label treatment for mastalgia.

Toremifene Another breast cancer drug that is used off-label for breast pain. Heavyy a woman is on the contraceptive pill, the doctor may consider making adjustments or switching to another birth control pill. The doctor may also consider adjusting soree dosage of hormone replacement therapy. Complications of breast pain Because there are so many potential reasons for breast pain, complications depend on the specific causes. In many cases, there are no complications. When to see a doctor You should see your doctor if: One or both breasts change in size or shape. What you can do If you think your bra may be to blame, ask yourself the following questions: Are your breasts spilling out over the top of your bra?

Does the back strap dig into your skin? Are you wearing your everyday bra on the tightest or loosest buckle? Does your bra ride up in the back? Is there a gap between your breast and the cup? If you answered yes to any of the above, consider a professional fitting at a department store or lingerie shop.

Many women find it difficult to measure themselves at home, and a professional fitting is often much more accurate. You can also try an online service, like Thirdlovethat lets you test a bra at home before you buy it. Your pectoral muscles commonly called pecs lie directly beneath and around your breasts. This type of breast pain is usually limited to one breast.

Sore Breast and feel heavy

We're just going to pretend you're the patient. Okay let's just pretend I'm the patient. So how old are you? I, let's say I'm Okay you're 24 and are you having regular periods? Okay, and when you say your breasts, you put that as more than one breast, so both sides are normal? Let's say the left side. Okay it's only one breast? Yeah the left sides kind of tender and I'm not really sure what's going on.

Your hopes during early pregnancy may feel sorw, sensitive, or scenic to the decidedly. Healthline and our services may receive a funeral of revenues if you find a few using a link above.

I know I didn't hit it with anything. Okay, but you think you didn't? I think I didn't. You don't remember that you did? All right and when was your last period? You may also have moments of wore and cry more easily. As with PMS, these latter symptoms can also indicate depression. Depression during pregnancy is common, and it can — and should — be treated. Tiredness or fatigue is common during PMS, as is trouble sleeping. These symptoms should go away when your period starts. Getting some exercise can help improve your sleep and lessen your fatigue.

Fatigue can be more pronounced during your first trimesterbut it can last throughout your pregnancy as well. To help your body cope, be sure to eat well and get lots of sleep. Bouts of nausea often begin a month after you get pregnant.

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