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AdaptiveColorPower The seepage removes the potential fill from Self screen battery icon. Veency Use your iPhone from your life!.

SpotBright Not only are contacts and emails accessible with Spotlight, but launch you can also launch your apps with the SpotBright Spotlight tweak. It also keeps a list of your recently launched apps below the searchbar. I rarely use the recently launched items, but I hide my most unused apps and launch them when I need them so SpotBright is a must have.

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Veency Use your iPhone from your desktop! I run into this problem with iTunes. Remember when I told you about making free calls with Fring and Google Voice? You can do that without a wifi connection using 3G Unrestrictor. PDANet Tethering may have been nixed with the 3.

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Create a password protected network with your laptop, connect to it with your iPhone Sexy jailbreak apps open up PDANet. It may be an extra step, but PDANet is currently the only option for tethering at this point. MultiIconMover Be careful not to confuse this app with paid app in Cydia. MultiIconMover is free and the best way to move your apps around. Simply make your icons squiggle, touch the ones you want to move to a different page then go to that page and hit the home button. The checked apps fill the vacant spaces on that page and you can check more apps.

Just as the name implies, the tweak delays your message for a short period of time before sending it to your receipient. Among the customization options included are the position of the badge relative to the icon, the color and size of the badge, and the font of the notification number. Malipo When you connect the iPhone to a power source to charge via the Lightning cable or via Wireless Charging, it plays a chime to confirm that the iPhone is connected and started charging.

Malipo allows you to change the default chime sound. Jailbreakk Old School Compatimark Compatimark is a nifty jailbreak tweak for Cydia that shows whether jailbreak tweaks will work or not on your current firmware version. So it will save you the trouble of running into issues for installing incompatible jailbreak tweaks. It displays either a blue or a gold shield for compatible tweaks, and nothing for incompatible tweaks.

SkinnySettings SkinnySettings removes UI elements like the line separators from jsilbreak Settings app apls give it a more simplistic and uncluttered look and feel. ShieldXI It allows you to lock apps for added security. TimeToUnlock The jailbreak tweak allows you to use the current time as the passcode. ModernXI It gives a new look and feel to the lock screen Notifications. Force In Picture — https: It lets you adjust the volume of practically any app installed on your device.

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