Vintage crosman air rifle model 397pa

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The Benjamin 392/397 – 60 years later!

By Kink December 31, Passage That gun is thousands. Blamed, I can drive the girl what the green eyed safe family of papers are for this horny gun.

Smoothness allows for good velocity and accuracy without a lot of after-rifling work. How to make a great gun even better?

Add a peep sight! One really nice upgrade is the Akr 64 crosmam sight. It installs easily and just about doubles the precision of your aim. You can install red dot sights and scopes as well, but for that you also need to buy the Crosman Croosman 4-piece Intermount to rifel as a base for the dot sight cgosman scope mounts. With the right pellets, I get 0. This air rifle is definitely one that can train you to be a better shot. I am going to rebuild the old one and retire it as an antique. By John Bainter May 19, Big Disappointment I used one of these 10 years ago and liked the features, although the sights were horrible.

The adjustable power is a plus when target shooting in a suburban yard. Bought the "deluxe" Silverstreak. BAD fit and finish. The forend hangs when no pressure is on. Rough tool marks everywhere. Have had the rifle 2 days and am looiking for a different one. Should have bought this 20 or even 10 years ago! By Chris May 6, Amazing I recently bought a Daisy pump that claimes fps to deal with a bit of a squirel problem in my attic and backyard. After having little luck with the daisy, my boss lent me this bad boy.

I've dropped 6 of the pests in a little over a weeks time.

Rfle only using 6 pumps of 8 max and shooting at a range of yards. The takes em down with ease. By Hector April 25, Perfection This gun is great and will last you a long time. The accuracy is incredible I would recommend this gun to anyone.

I lose them to go me the kind, speed, and accuracy. The forend bitches when no matchmaking is on. Cite the right pellets, I get 0.

It is durable - reliable and rofle accurate airgun with a scope or without. By Ernie August 5, Too Much Vinttage I was looking for a gun that had less power than fps Vihtage found one in the Benjaminbut it is really a hassel to have to pump it 8 times to get fps, and when I call the customer service at Benjamin they could not tell me what number translates Vintagw the amount of fps? My uncle got this gun when he was 10 and then passed it down to his son my cousin and I love shooting this gun at his house! The accuracy is incredible along with the build and feel of the rifle. I recently bought my own a couple weeks back and I love it! August 13, Repeat Customer I had the for many years and killed countless pests as well as targets.

My gun was stolen, so I will be buying my second By wiilliam August 13, overall good gun very accurate this airgun is very accurate and powerfull,i got mine from my uncle for free! Perhaps not at a funeral home or at a fast-food franchise, but there are a lot of outdoor jobs where shooting is possible and not objectionable. What was wrong with the ? So, his new gun was harder to pump, but it was also a lot more powerful. MAYBE he wanted to see if the would go all the way through the sign, thus vexing his friend, which is the tradition whenever two guys shoot together.

But that time it fired only weakly. At least he stopped when it got to this point. I have seen owners do that before. He brought me the rifle and asked if I could possibly help him. I told him there are two ways to go about this. One is to wait a couple months and hope that the gun leaks down enough that the valve is no longer locked. If the gun had not been properly oiled with Crosman Pellgunoil, that might have been a possible solution. I decided to go the other way.

Air model crosman 397pa rifle Vintage

I would remove the extra air mechanically by partially disassembling the gun and rapping on the valve stem with a heavier hammer. Or, at least it used to be! You can no longer do what I just said because the gun is not designed to allow it. The new design is much cheaper to build and easier to repair — except when the gun is over-pumped. Poor photos today I apologize for the poor photos that follow.

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