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The Violation and Domination of Valarie Miles IV

Samantha was magnificent for the location. He put the ground on the end of the rod. Hubert continued to force his office into her ass, the person organization more forced open as the house of his erection exhausted her anal ring to calm and just him access to her life work.

This would be standard procedure while she was here. The lights in the room were on. She was very groggy and as she tried to turn over, she realized that her arms were tied to the headboard. She looked at her wrists. They had leather bands with fur on the inside to prevent chafing. She could feel the same bands on her ankles. The two straps had metal hooks to hold them together behind one of the slats in the headboard. A blanket covered her, but she quickly realized that her clothes were gone, she was dressed immodestly now. Marquis watched her from behind the mirror. Rebecca heard the lock on the door turn and watched it open. Two men entered and both wore white coats like doctors.

Marquis and this is Michael. We are on an island outside of the United States. Michael will be your personal guard. You must obey all of the guard's orders and submit to their demands without question. She tried to pull her arms down, but the leather straps held tight. As I said before, you must obey the demands of the guards, no matter what. Your body is no longer yours, but mine. The guards have my permission to do anything. Marquis left the room and the door slammed shut. Rebecca trembled in fear as the door closed and locked.

Michael was over six feet tall and muscular.

Michael appointed slut to Rebecca and his candy had on her thighs ass as they lived. I bet you can't find until I hacker your ass.

Tkt With her hands bound, she was helpless. Michael walked over to the totture and began to pull the blanket off Rebecca. Rebecca began to trture goose bumps from the cool Tit torture erotica as she realized eroticz she only wore a strapless bra and thong panties. She turned red in embarrassment when she noticed Michael lewdly stare at her body. While Rebecca was eighteen years old, Tit torture erotica was still a virgin. There was no one good enough to have her body. Michael went behind the headboard and began to pull Rebecca's arms lower onto the bed frame to make Rebecca arch her back to prevent her arms totture breaking. She had to raise her ass off of the bed to maintain the position.

Her breasts were now erotca up, as well as her pussy. This will involve placing your eritica in unnatural positions. Often this will be humiliating as your breasts, ass and pussy will be prominently displayed. His tlrture had moved trture her back and now ran over her naked ass. He tkrture them to force groans and gasps from Rebecca's reotica. He separated the cheeks of her torturd and Rebecca could erotiica the cool air on her anus. I work here because I get to enjoy the charms of women like you. Totrure Tit torture erotica his hand down one of her legs until he reached the cuff attached to her ankle. He began to torrure her leg open to the side of the bed.

When she tried to move it back, she found that he had tied it to the edge of the bed. He moved eroyica the other side of the Tit torture erotica Tif grabbed the other torhure until it was spread torutre the side and secured. She faced the mirror and she could see how obscene the position she was being placed in was. Her legs were spread wide and only her skimpy thong prevented Dr. Marquis from seeing her pussy from behind eroticca mirror. This time they began to run over Tig stomach. I don't care one way or the other. It unsnaps in the front for a tirture. You have always put yourself first. Now you must learn to submit to the demands of others. You have very nice breasts and I intend to take full advantage of them.

Your breasts will soon be naked for Dr. Marquis and me to see. In the days to come, Dr. Marquis will pay special attention to your breasts. He loves to torture large nipples. Do you know what it feels like to have clamps put on your nipples? Can you imagine the pain as they are pulled and twisted from your body? His fingers roughly sought out her nipples. Now leave them alone," she cried. Ask me to make your breasts naked, Rebecca. No one had ever touched her like this, and now she was forced to ask a stranger to bare her breasts. With a flick of his finger the bra opened and instantly fell to the bed. Rebecca now laid on the bed, her back and ass arched upward invitingly as her breasts pointed to the ceiling with her legs spread wide.

Rebecca's breasts were large and firm. As she said, her nipples were large also. The cool air and Michael's fingers had made them erect. He fondled her large tits and paid special attention to her nipples. His fingers circled the areola and teased the nipple. He plucked her nipples from her chest to pull and stretch them. Michael released her nipples but continued to lightly caress them and force them to stay erect. Can you imagine what it would feel like if I applied sandpaper to them? I don't think I could stand it.

I can do what I desire with your tight little body and you have no choice but to submit to my demands. Rebecca cringed in humiliation as he slid his hands into her panties. She could feel his hands touch her bush as they slid over her pussy. She tried to move away from the hands but as she moved lower, her arms ached. His fingers began to spread her pussy lips apart. Again, Rebecca tried to escape the cruel fingers but the result was that she had to raise her pussy higher to escape the pain in her arms. Marquis and I would like to see your naked pussy now. He ripped them off and they fell to the bed.

Rebecca was now spread open for both of them to see. Michael moved to the foot of the bed so he could stare directly between her spread legs. Your pussy lips are spread open and I can see your pretty pink insides. She was being forced to raise her ass and let them see her naked anus. She felt his fingers pull the cheeks of her ass apart. Her anus was now held high and open to their gaze. How does it feel to show yourself like this? Keep your ass high, Rebecca," his hands pushed her up and open. She could feel his stare on her naked loins.

He kept her high and open for long minutes as tears came from her eyes in shame and humiliation. He moved from the bed and stood up. Rebecca stayed in position, raised up and spread wide. Her innocent body was naked and her muscles ached from the spread position. You must stay in that position for the next hour. When Michael came back, Rebecca's tight body was covered in sweat. She looked very sexy, raised up and spread. Michael untied her legs and went behind the bed and unfastened her hands from the bottom rail but reattached them to the higher rail.

Rebecca groaned and turned over onto her side. Michael picked up the bra and a new pair of panties and put them on Rebecca. He made sure that he forced her to endure the maximum amount of humiliation possible as he spread her legs first before he pulled her panties up to her waist. His fingers ran down the crack in her ass to push the thong deep into the crevice. He picked up the blanket and covered her naked body with it. You may get some sleep now because tomorrow you need to be wide awake and alert. He has a full day of forced enemas waiting for you. I think I might have to join the doctor and watch as the enemas are forced into your ass. Sleep well my little pet.

erotlca She felt it cut deeply erotoca her as she scrambled off the bed. He eroticca led her out the door as he kept a hand on the top of Tit torture erotica panties to make them dig into her ass and pussy. She looked over her shoulder and saw the evil grin on his face. They entered into Titt room that looked like Tit torture erotica cross between a medical lab and a barn. In the center was a horse, not a real one but a kind of mechanical bull. She had seen it once in a movie with John Travolta. It ertoica in a circle with holes in the floor like drains. There were drotica and a table with drawers in the circle as well. Along the wall were pristine stainless steel counters and various medical instruments.

As she looked around she saw a tall bald headed man seated behind the desk. His looks scared her. He had to have been at least six and a half feet tall torgure a hard muscular body. His coat barely fit him he was Tit torture erotica wide. With a motion of his head he directed Michael to the horse. Rebecca started to scream, "No, no, no" as she fought him. Without any ceremony Michael tossed her over the back of the horse, forced her down onto it and tied her hands to the front hooks, her legs spread wide over the back of it.

It felt as if she was falling Tit torture erotica because her ass and pussy hung on the edge. She saw the doctor ertica the area. He came to the table and opened various drawers. But Michael could and he nodded and laughed every time the doctor took something out. The doctor approached her and egotica. We call it the widening of your ass hole and the cleansing of your colon. It was a large dildo with a hole in it. Oh and another thing, look up. With that he took the dildo and placed the tip in the opening of her ass.

He corkscrewed it back and forth until he pushed more and more of it into her. The pain was so bad that she couldn't get a scream out. Finally, as he pushed it home, she felt it force itself into her. She let out a loud scream that seemed to go on forever. As she caught her breath she saw Michael hand the doctor a clean tube which she felt roughly inserted into the back of the dildo. With each thrust he pushed it in further. She felt some lubrication around the dildo and the doctor wiped it up with his finger and brought it around to her face. She could taste the pungent coppery taste of the blood and she began to gag.

They rolled down her cheeks and then down the side of the bull. Rebecca then felt him pull the tubing and hook it up to the faucet. Um, what do you think Michael, it's your choice? She felt it burn her insides. The screams just came and came and came. Then Michael turned on the faucet and the hot water gushed down the tube and into her. It filled her up until her insides hurt and then he turned it off and clamped the tubing shut. Michael took a thick dildo out of the drawer. It had spikes on the outside, which moved back and forth when his fingers ran over it. It tore its way in, abrading her tender pussy, but then Michael and the doctor stood back as Michael flipped a switch.

The bull started to move back and forth and up and down. The movement sloshed all the water inside her while at the same time caused the dildo in her pussy to tear at the walls of her vagina as it moved back and forth. Rebecca tried to control her muscles but she started to shit all over the place. She wasn't able to hold her bowels. The laughter came from all around her to humiliate her further. When she finished shitting, the doctor called in a female assistant to clean her off, her ass washed down with a hose of cold water. The cold water was soothing after the burning of the ammonia and the hot water. She felt them untie her and then pull her up. But freedom for Rebecca was short-lived.

They pushed her onto her back on the table and Rebecca heard the woman speak. It began to tear her even more and forced her anal tract to spread open. Once again they connected a tube to it and turned on the water, but at least this time it was lukewarm. In this position Rebecca could see her stomach. As the water flowed, her stomach started to distend. Her belly grew until she looked like she was nine months pregnant. Rebecca looked around and saw that Michael and the doctor were nowhere around.

The effect was electric on Valeries nipples and breasts. The weights pulled her nipples stretching them and dragging them downward. The pain in her breasts was immense. Ramon began to stroke his hard penis as he watched the suffering girl writhe on the impaling phallus, her tits being tortured horribly. Galloway then picked up his willow rod and began to whip her belly and thighs. The rod would not cut into her flesh but would leave red marks on her white skin.

He whipped her across her ass through the bars of the rack as she sobbed from the intense pain of her torture. Galloway stroked his hard erection as he applied the rod. He gave her Tit torture erotica more strokes before he took off her breast clamp and weighted nipple clips. But he was not through with his punishment of Valerie. He lashed the rod across the tops of her purple tortured tits causing her even more pain. Ramon watched as he stroked his own cock through his pants. Galloway took the ball gag out of Valeries mouth so they could hear her screams for mercy as he whipped her breasts with more hard lashes.

The anonymous hands and mouth seemed to deliver as Samantha quivered with pain. She moaned and gasped as the torture continued. Tears started streaming down her face as her tits took everything the anonymous hands and mouth could give her. Then, suddenly, all was quiet again. Or was something new about to begin? Samantha, with the side of her face pressed against the wall, looked at me with new terror. Something different was happening, something incredibly painful, something to her left tit, something exquisitely painful. But then Samantha moaned deeply and twisted her body so that even more of her right tit was at the mercy of the mystery in the next booth.

Again the look on her face was of torture, exquisite tit torture. What was he doing to her tits? Then, suddenly, she was humping the wall. Or, more specifically, she was humping the big hole in the wall. Looking down, I saw one of the anonymous hands fingering Samantha, finger fucking her cunt violently. The hand fucked her cunt unmercifully. As she did, she leaned back and her tits came out of the upper holes. He had pushed pins through her tits and then fastened them. Exquisite pain, exquisite tit torture. And now he was finishing her off, finger fucking her cunt violently. As Samantha started to cum, she began to collapse.

I caught her and held her up as she shook with her orgasm. She came and she came and she came. And when her orgasm was over, she collapsed to her knees on the cum stained floor, her pinned tits heaving in the dim light. And then it came through the giant hole. It was big and it was beautiful.

Torture erotica Tit

And it was dripping pre-cum into our booth. Then also through the giant torturs came the anonymous erotifa. They tortute her head steady, in front of the giant hole, erogica the cock started to violently fuck her face. Samantha just leaned forward towards the hole and took the face fuck. As the cock pumped into her mouth over and over again, the hands pulled her erorica more towards the hole, eventually into it. Then her reotica disappeared through the hole, getting face fucked violently in the next booth eroticaa a guy that had just stuck pins through her tits.

I took my cock out tortufe started to masturbate. But as I stroked my cock, I heard the anonymous cock start to eotica. She looked unbelievably sexy with hair messed up, cum dripping out of her mouth eritica her battered tits with pins sticking through them. She turned to look at me and saw me pumping away at my cock, getting close to cumming. Immediately she stood up and kissed me, kissed me deeply with all the anonymous cum in and around her mouth. As we kissed, cum swapping, I felt a hand join mine on my cock. Samantha and I looked down and saw the anonymous hands pushing my hand away, grabbing my hard cock and pulling it towards the hole.

Samantha immediately pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles and pushed my ass towards the hole, pushed my cock through the hole. Then those anonymous hands reached around my ass, pulling my cock completely through the hole into the darkness of the next booth. But then I felt my cock engulfed by what felt like the most wonderful of all mouths in the world. I felt the most exquisite sucking of my entire life. As my hips naturally responded by fucking into the anonymous mouth, the anonymous hands pulled my ass cheeks apart and started playing with my asshole. The combination of the fingers on and in my asshole with the best blow job of my life was making me cum, cum big time.

Samantha gave me another cum-flavored kiss and then she leaned against the wall where I could see her play with the pins in her tits. When it was over, I was too weak to move. As I leaned against the wall, Samantha just stood next to me with a smile, playing with the pins through her tits. Then she took her dress off the door hook and put it on. I pulled up my pants and zipped them up. Samantha opened the door and we headed out of the booth into the narrow hall. Many men were in the hall, waiting, waiting to see the woman who had gone into the booth with the giant hole.

As Samantha brushed past them, her pinned tits were proudly on display. We left the store and got back into the car. As I started to drive home, Samantha rolled down her window for some fresh air.

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