Against breast cancer

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Batting Against Breast Cancer

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The findings, which appear in the Annals of Internal Medicinebeast seem contrary to conventional wisdom that childbirth is protective against breast cancer. And while pregnancy did become protective against estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer years later, it did not become protective for estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer during the study.

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The pattern looked the same whether or not women breastfed. By age 50, there were more cases perwomen in the group that had recently given birth. Twenty-three years after giving birth, women saw their risk level off, and pregnancy started to become protective. Risk was higher for women who had their first child after 35, but there was no increased risk of breast cancer after a recent birth for women who had their first child before Researchers say childbirth still does become protective, but it can take more than two decades for benefits to emerge.

Cancer Against breast

For their analysis, researchers pooled data from 15 prospective studies from the around the globe that includedwomen. The increased risk after childbirth was higher for women who also had a family history of breast cancer or who had a greater number of births or were older at first birth. They found that, in women 55 years and younger, breast cancer risk peaked about five years after they gave birth, with risk for mothers 80 percent higher compared with women who did not give birth. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Younger women who have recently had a child may have a higher risk of breast cancer than their peers of the same age who do not have children, according to new research.

Breast cancer is more common in older women, with the median age of 62 at diagnosis in the United States.

Still low overall While breast Aganist risk increased for mothers after pregnancy, the researchers also note that the overall risk of breast cancer is still low in this group. In addition to looking at breast cancer risk after childbirth, they also evaluated the impact of other factors, such as breastfeeding and a family history of breast cancer. Between the ages of 41 and 45, there were 41 more cases of breast cancer diagnosed in everywomen who had given birth in the previous three to seven years compared with women who did not have children. Other studies have shown an increase in breast cancer risk in younger women after childbirth, but have not had access to information about other factors that might impact risk, such as breastfeeding or family history of breast cancer, researchers say.

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